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Microbial Physiology

Microbial Physiology - overview

Prof.dr. Lubbert Dijkhuizen
Prof.dr. Lubbert Dijkhuizen
Dr. Sahar El Aidy
Dr. Sahar El Aidy

Research in the research group Microbial Physiology focuses on the study of Gram-positive bacteria, with two main lines of research:

  • Primary and secondary metabolism in actinomycetes;
  • Structure / function studies of glycoside hydrolase enzymes acting on starch and / or sucrose.

This research provides a firm basis for subsequent metabolic engineering, using a combination of physiological and genetic techniques and approaches, often also involving protein engineering steps using various approaches such as site-directed or random mutagenesis and directed evolution.

The fundamental knowledge generated in these studies is used for the construction of bacterial strains overproducing primary and secondary metabolites, or for relevant biotransformations. Closely related to the research of the research group are two GBB facilities; i.e. the BioExplore High-Throughput Screening Facility and the Centre for Carbohydrate Bioengineering.

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