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Weekly Schedule

Week 47 (20 - 24 Nov 2017)

Weekly schedule by email: Every Friday afternoon the weekly schedule for the coming week is distributed by email. If you also want to receive our weekly schedules, please send an email to GELIFES Office and you will be added to the mailing list.

Announcements for the weekly schedule: If you have anything to announce that is of interest to all institute members, including literature / book discussions, please send an email to GELIFES Office before 12:00 hr on Thursday.

Monday 20th


09:30 LAB/OBP Noord – Weekly meeting 5171.0340
10:30 TRÊS – Coffee break 5172.0580
12:00 Conservation Ecology – Guest Speaker Prof. Mark Ritchie (Syracuse University): Microbes on safari: Herbivore-plant-mutualist webs in the Serengeti 5172.0571
12:15 NEUROBIOLOGY – Molecular Neurobiology Group Meeting Marelle Heesterbeek will give an overview of her PhD project 5171.0504
15:30 TRÊS – Theory Club Omer Markovitch : Studying the origins of life by extending principles from evolutionary biology to chemical replicators 5172.0571

Tuesday 21st


10:00 Animals@Work Erica Zuidersma : Developmental condition effects on blood biochemistry in jackdaw nestlings during multiple years 5173.0519
12:00 ConsEco lunchmeeting Roy Gommer : Phenological mismatch: the effect on diet composition of nestlings and fitness consequences in pied flycatchers 5172.0571
12:00 NEUROBIOLOGY – Chronobiology – Lunch Meeting: Nynke Kooistra final presentation – Sleep deprivation in dolphins and Tamanash Gosh : colloquium Shift work 5171.0504
12:30 EGDB meeting Yuan Zou : What is the primary signal of sex determination in Nasonia vitripennis? 5172.0679

Wednesday 22nd


12:00 GREEN – Plant Ecophysiology – Weekly meeting 5173.0347

Thursday 23rd


12:00 NEUROBIOLOGY – Chronobiology – Journal Club Renske Lok 5171.0504
16:00 GELIFES Seminars Innes Cuthill (University of Bristol, info ) – Animal camouflage: from computational neuroscience to colour in deep time 5171.0415

Friday 24th


16:00 NEUROBIOLOGY Seminar Rebecca Piskorowski (INSERM U894; Center of Psychiatrie and Neuroscience, Université Paris Descartes): Have we met? Examination of a brain network underlying social memory.


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