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Study Abroad

Do you seek positive challenges during your studies and would you like to broaden your horizon? Go abroad! The Faculty of Arts has over 200 partner universities within and outside Europe where you can follow courses as an exchange student. This will not only give you a new perspective on your own field of study, but you will also learn more about other cultrures and even about yourself. Furthermore, an exchange will increase your changes on the (international) job market.

Usually, students plan their time abroad during their second or third bachelor year, but it is also possible to go abroad during your master.

More information on application procedures, selection and important forms can be found on the student portal for Faculty of Arts students (log in required)

Student on Kingston, Canada:

'The nice thing about the contact with Canadians is that this offers you a new perspective on Canadian culture. I visited a football match and even enjoyed a real Thanksgiving diner.'

Student on Bratislava, Slovakia:

'After meeting more with locals, I began to notice how the past of Slovakia still affects its present structures and its current development. In the end that really was the experience which broadened my horizon.'

Student on Uppsala, Sweden:

'Uppsala has really become a second home to me and I am sure I will return often!'

Student over Puebla, Mexico:

'Since the Mexican culture is very outgoing and welcoming both teachers and students received me very well. The students were very curious about the exchange students and immediately started talking to us. They were very patient with our Spanish and helped a lot to learn to speak the language properly.'

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