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What is at stake on divine action debates?

Lecture by Ignacio Silva (Faculty of Theology, Oxford), organized by the GCMEMT
Discussants: Dr Han Thomas Adriaenssen (Groningen), Dr Jeroen de Ridder (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

The notions of providence and divine action, and in particular the metaphysical mechanisms by which God might be said to act within the created universe, have been discussed at large in the past two decades within the English-speaking philosophical and theological academic environments, in particular in relation to the ways in which nature works as described by science. Similar discussions are found throughout the history of philosophical and theological discourses in relation to the rational knowledge of the natural world. My goal in this paper is...(continue reading...)

WhenWe 04-05-2016
Whereroom Beta

Nicolas De Warren: Trust and Original Forgiveness

Lecture by Nicolas De Warren (Leuven), organized by the Department of Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy

In this talk, I formulate a double-proposal for a phenomenological analysis of the life-world. Rather than consider the life-world primarily in either epistemological or ontological terms, I argue for an essentially ethical conception of the life-world as "trust in the world." I propose that...(continue reading...)
WhenWe 11-05-2016
WhereFaculty of Philosophy, room Omega

Grolog lecture by Bjørn Jespersen

Lecture by Bjørn Jespersen (Barcelona): What can procedural semantics do for the unity of the proposition? (A lot!)

This talk explores what procedural semantics can do for the twin notions of structure and unity. Procedural semantics construes linguistic meaning as a procedure that delineates which objects of which type operate on which other objects of which type so as to yield which yet other objects of which type. Jespersen conceives of a multi-part structure as an interlocking system of objects. The two main sources of inspiration are...(continue reading...)

WhenTh 12-05-2016
Whereroom Alfa

Lecture: The Invisible Discrimination before Our Eyes

Lecture by Francesca Minerva (University of Ghent), organized by the Department of Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy

The goal of this talk is to introduce a bioethical analysis of a widely neglected condition that affects between 3% and the 18% of the population. People affected by...(continue reading...)

WhenWe 18-05-2016
WhereRoom Omega

Marianne Doury: A descriptive approach to argumentative norms

Lecture by Marianne Doury (Paris), organized by the Department of Theoretical Philosophy

A French trend in argumentation studies may be characterized by the descriptive stance it takes towards argumentative practice, and by its anchorage in linguistics – both characteristics are not independent from one another (Plantin, Amossy, Micheli, Doury). Such an approach to argumentation aims at...(continue reading...)

WhenWe 25-05-2016
WhereFaculty of Philosophy, room Omega

Early Modern Laws of Nature: Secular and Divine

Keynote Speakers: Prof Eric Watkins (University of San Diego) and Prof Sophie Roux (ENS Paris)

The workshop is co-organised by the Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion, University of Oxford (Dr Ignacio Silva), and the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Groningen (Dr Andrea Sangiacomo). Call for Papers

WhenTh 07-07-2016
WhereUniversity of Oxford