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Nacht van de Universiteit: de Academie ter Discussie!

Debatten, twistgesprekken, mini-colleges & columns over de toekomst van de academie. Denk mee, praat mee!

Met bekende critici van het eerste uur, zoals Ad Verbrugge (Beter onderwijs Nederland), Frank Miedema (Science in Transition) en Hans Radder (Platform Hervorming Nederlandse Universiteiten. Topbestuurders als VSNU-voorzitter Karl Dittrich, RUG-collegevoorzitter Sibrand Poppema, rector Elmer Sterken en chemicus Bert Meijer, die uit liefde voor de wetenschap uit het bestuur van onderzoeksorganisatie NWO stapte. Met eigenzinnige denkers over kennis en vorming als psycholoog/ filosoof Trudy Dehue, psycholoog en schrijver Douwe Draaisma, universitair geschiedschrijver Klaas van Berkel, SP-kamerlid Jasper van Dijk, wetenschapsjournalist Maarten Keulemans, wetenschapsfilosoof Paul Wouters, schrijver en cultureel ondernemer Chandra Frank, jonge onderzoekers, eigenzinnige studenten en vele anderen.

Tijdens de Nacht van de Universiteit in het Academiegebouw buigen we ons van acht tot middernacht over de toekomst van de academie. Wat is er mis met de universiteit en hoe kan het beter? Meer informatie en TICKETS

WhenFr 16-10-2015
WhereAcademiegebouw, diverse zalen

Roger Cooke: Uncertainty in Climate Policy

Philosophy of a Specific Discipline symposium with Roger Cooke and Aidan Lyon

The recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fifth Assessment Report documents the growth in our understanding of human impacts on the Earth’s climate. The inclusion of a chapter on Risk and Uncertainty testifies that large gaps in our knowledge remain. Decisions regarding mitigation and adaptation will impact...(continue reading...)

WhenWe 21-10-2015
WhereRoom Omega

Véronique Decaix: On categorical constitution

Lecture by Véronique Decaix (Paris) organized by the Department of the History of Philosophy

Kant was not the first philosopher to recognise the role of subjectivity in the constitution of the object of human knowledge. In fact, Dietrich of Freiberg (1250-1310), an important medieval thinker, can be seen as a precursor of such recognition. A main purpose of...(continue reading)...

WhenTh 29-10-2015
Whereroom Alfa

Dutch Seminar in Medieval Philosophy

Two-day seminar: 30-31 October 2015. Keynote speaker: Prof. Russell Friedman

The DSMP is organized jointly by the Universities of Groningen, the Radboud University (Nijmegen), and the VU University Amsterdam.

The DSMP aims to bring together senior scholars, young researchers, and advanced graduate students working on medieval philosophy to discuss their work. The seminar will have a focus on philosophy in and around the Medieval universities, and welcomes papers on thinkers as early as Abelard, or as late as Suarez.

Programme DSMP October 30 & 31, 2015

For further information, please contact Dr. Han Thomas Adriaenssen or Dr. Sander de Boer

WhenFr 30-10-2015
WhereFaculty of Philosophy

Frans de Waal: Primates and Philosophers

Primates and Philosophers: Evolutionary Building Blocks of Morality

In this lecture, primatologist Frans de Waal shows how empathy comes naturally to a great variety of animals, including humans. By studying social behaviors in animals, such as bonding, herd instinct, forming of trusting alliances, expressions of consolation, and conflict resolution, he demonstrates that animals - and humans - are preprogrammed to reach out, questioning the assumption that humans are inherently selfish.

Homo homini lupus – “man is wolf to man” - is an old Roman proverb popularized by Thomas Hobbes. Even though...(continue reading...)

WhenMo 09-11-2015
WhereStadsschouwburg Groningen, Turfsingel 86

Lena Zuchowski: Poincare's conventionalism

Lecture organized by the Dept. of Theoretical Philosophy

Poincare's conventionalism: No advocacy of choice but a call for epistemic scepticism

I will present a novel interpretation of Poincare's geometry conventionalism, which differs from the current received view by denying the empirical underdeterminancy of geometry and therefore the ability of a single protagonist to choose freely between geometries. Instead, I will argue that...(continue reading...)

WhenWe 11-11-2015
WhereFaculty of Philosophy, room Omega

Anniversary celebration

Our Faculty celebrates its 50th anniversary! Everyone (students, alumni, (ex-)staff members and relations) is cordially invited to come to the Faculty on Saturday, 14 November to celebrate. More information...

WhenSa 14-11-2015
WhereFaculty of Philosophy & Puddingfabriek