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Peter Hylton: Carnap and Quine and the Nature of Evidence (and the Nature of Philosophy)

Lecture by Peter Hylton (University of Illinois, Chicago) organized by the Department of Theoretical Philosophy

In this talk I discuss the differing views of Carnap and Quine about evidence, as a way of gaining insight into their differing conceptions of philosophy and philosophical method. I begin by discussing Carnap’s Logische Aufbau der Welt and the tension in Carnap’s early thought which it displays. He resolves the tension in 1932 by....(continue reading...)

WhenWe 01-04-2015
WhereFaculty of Philosophy, Room Omega

Grolog Colloquium: Gil Sagi

Lecture by Gil Sagi (MCMP - LMU Munich) organized by Grolog

Tarski has characterized logical notions as invariant under permutations of the domain. Tarski proposed this characterization as an extension of Klein’s Erlanger Program, where various geometrical disciplines are characterized by invariance under certain kinds of transformations. The idea was that logical notions are more general than any of the geometrical notions, and are thus invariant under the most general class of transformations. In this paper, I take Tarski’s logical notions...(continue reading...)

WhenTh 09-04-2015

Nacht van de Filosofie 2015

De vierde Groningse Nacht van de Filosofie vindt plaats op vrijdag 10 april 2015! De kaartverkoop gaat op maandag 16 maart van start via de website en aan de kassa van het Groninger Forum.

De Groningse Nacht van de Filosofie wordt georganiseerd door de Faculteit Wijsbegeerte i.s.m. Studium Generale Groningen en het Groninger Forum.

WhenFr 10-04-2015
WhereGroninger Forum, Hereplein 73

Symposium: Gaat 'Digital Humanities' de geesteswetenschappen veranderen?

Symposium Wijsbegeerte van een bepaald Wetenschapsgebied: Gaat 'digital humanities' de geesteswetenschappen veranderen? Prof.dr. Karina van Dalen-Oskam (UvA) denkt van wel.

De grote toename in het aantal digitaal beschikbare bronnen voor geesteswetenschappelijk onderzoek maakt dat het voor onderzoekers noodzakelijk is om nieuwe zoekstrategieën te ontwikkelen. Zij ontkomen er niet aan om nieuwe computerhulpmiddelen in te zetten om de vele hits in het onderzoek gemakkelijker te kunnen overzien. Maar ook de vele misses die er met de hits meekomen maken veranderingen noodzakelijk. Hoe gaan we om met...(lees verder...)

WhenWe 15-04-2015
WhereFaculteit Wijsbegeerte, Zaal Omega

Michael Bratman: Acting and Thinking Together

Lecture by Michael Bratman (Stanford) in cooperation with Studium Generale

We do many things together including singing duets, dancing, and building. We engage in friendships and love, we practice the art of conversation, and we collaborate on scientific projects. Collaboration and cooperation play a central role in everyday life. In all these activities we act together in characteristic ways. How do we do it? How do we effortlessly engage with others in complex ways that seem unavailable to other species? We share intentions, even if...(continue reading...)

WhenTu 21-04-2015
WhereAula, Academy Building, Broerstraat 5, Groningen

Workshop: Shared Actions and Collective Responsibilities

Two-days Workshop 23-24 April 2015, organized by Frank Hindriks (Department of Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy): Shared Actions and Collective Responsibilities: How to Construct or Resist Social Reality

More information TBA

WhenTh 23-04-2015
WhereFaculty of Philosophy, Groningen

Nicholas De Warren

Colloquium lecture by prof.dr. Nicholas De Warren (Leuven, Belgium), organized by the Department of the History of Philosophy

WhenWe 13-05-2015
WhereRoom Omega

Feminist Philosophy with Nancy Bauer

Nancy Bauer (Tufts) will be delivering a public lecture based on her new book 'How to do things with pornography' in Groningen on May 20th, in the evening.

On the same day, we'll be hosting a workshop on feminist philosophy in the afternoon with the following speakers:

  • Martine Prange (Leiden)
  • Annemie Halsema (VU Amsterdam)
  • Mari Mikkola (Humboldt Berlin)

Details (titles, locations, time) will be announced in due course.

WhenWe 20-05-2015
WhereFaculty of Philosophy, Oude Boteringestraat 52, Groningen

Aristotle and Early Modern Philosophy

The workshop is part of the activities of the OZSW Study Group in Early Modern Philosophy and it has been funded by the OZSW and the Faculty of Philosophy at Groningen. Speakers include Frans de Haas (Leiden), Helen Hattab (Houston), Marco Sgarbi (Venice) and Martin Lenz (Groningen). View program & registration

WhenWe 24-06-2015
WhereFaculty of Philosophy, Room Alpha

Workshop on Epistemic Justification

On August 23 to 25 2015, the Workshop on Epistemic Justification JUSTGroningen is held at the Faculty of Philosophy. Invited speakers: Clayton Littlejohn (King's College London), Erik Olsson (Lund), Duncan Pritchard (Edinburgh), William Roche (Texas), Katie Steele (LSE) and Sylvia Wenmackers (Leuven). Call for Abstracts: We welcome submissions on all aspects of epistemic justification, and especially..... (continue reading...)

WhenSu 23-08-2015
WhereFaculty of Philosophy
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