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Determinisme en indeterminisme in de fysica

Symposium georganiseerd door de Nederlandse Vereniging voor WetenschapsFilosofie (NVWF) en het Veni-project "Inexactness in the exact sciences" met sprekers Dennis Dieks, Marij van Strien, Ronnie Hermens en Gerard 't Hooft. Meer informatie en volledig programma...

WhenWe 26-11-2014
WhereFaculteit Wijsbegeerte, zaal Omega

Workshop on Kant's Formula of Universal Law

The Formula of Universal Law is widely considered to be Immanuel Kant’s most important articulation of the principle of morality known as the Categorical Imperative. Yet it is thought, even among Kant scholars and Kantian moral theorists, to face insoluble philosophical problems. As a result, the Formula of Universal Law has fallen out of favor, and Kantian ethicists increasingly turn to the Formula of Humanity to complement it or replace it altogether. In this workshop, four new strategies for a philosophical ‘rehabilitation’ of the Formula of Universal Law will be presented and discussed.

Speakers: Oliver Sensen (Tulane), Sven Nyholm (Cologne), Jochen Bojanowski (Groningen), Pauline Kleingeld (Groningen).

WhenWe 26-11-2014
WhereFaculty of Philosophy, Room Alfa
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