Formal Epistemology Symposium: Justification and Probabilistic Support

The Departement of Theoretical Philosophy hosts a symposium on Formal Epistemology: Justification and Probabilistic Support

Speakers are: Martin Smith (Glasgow); Paul Pedersen (Berlin) and Simon Huttegger (UC Irvine). Full programme and abstracts

Admission is free. Everybody is cordially invited!

WhenWe 30-04-2014
WhereFaculty of Philosophy, Room Omega

From Reflex to Reflection: Thinking and Feeling in the Cinema

Lecture by Murray Smith (University of Kent). Respondent: Julian Hanich (University of Groningen).
This is the fourth episode of the lecture series Thinking Cinema: New Approaches in Film Philosophy .

Recent debates around the idea of ‘film as philosophy’ – filmmaking as a vehicle rather than an object of philosophical activity – stress the ability of film to engage us cognitively at a very sophisticated level; in these debates, the word ‘philosophy’ functions first and foremost to bring into play a notion of high-level cognition. In this paper I seek to contextualize these debates, and the claim that films can in some sense ‘do’ philosophy, in two ways. First, I consider the variety of senses...(continue reading...)

WhenTh 01-05-2014
WhereFaculty of Arts, Harmony building, Marie Lokezaal

Lectures by Elisabeth Lloyd (Bloomington)

Elisabeth Lloyd (Bloomington) will give an Aspasia Lecture, entitled: The Evolution of the Female Orgasm, in the evening of Wednesday, 21 May, 2014.

The female orgasm in humans presents an evolutionary puzzle. The male orgasm has a straightforward evolutionary function: it makes males want to have sex more often, which in turn makes them more likely to have offspring. But how to account for female orgasm, when nearly three-quarters of women don't always reach orgasm during sexual intercourse?

Colloquium on Thursday

The next day, on Thursday, 22 May, she will give a lecture: Robustness as a confirmatory virtue: The case of climate models organized by the Department of Theoretical Philosophy in the afternoon (15:15-17:00).

WhenWe 21-05-2014
WhereFaculty of Philosophy

Christine Korsgaard: Lecture and discussion meeting

Christine Korsgaard (Harvard) will receive an honorary doctorate on June 13th. The day before, on Thursday, June 12th, she will give a lecture and meet with those interested to discuss part of her newest book manuscript.

WhenTh 12-06-2014
WhereRoom Omega, Faculty of Philosophy

Lecture by Michael Rescorla (UCSB)

Lecture by Michael Rescorla (University of California Santa Barbara), details TBA

WhenMo 16-06-2014
WhereFaculty of Philosophy, Room Alfa

Advances in Modal Logic (AiML 2014)

Advances in Modal Logic is an initiative aimed at presenting the state of the art in modal logic and its various applications. The initiative consists of a conference series together with volumes based on the conferences. Information about the AiML series can be obtained at AiML-2014 is the tenth conference in the series.

Call for papers

Programme committee

Please contact Barteld Kooi ( if you have any questions.

WhenTu 05-08-2014
WhereFaculty of Philosophy
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