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Inventory of art at the University of Groningen

The University of Groningen has a great many works of art. Wherever you go in the university buildings, in the offices, rooms, stairwells, inner courts: there is art everywhere. Whether it be a painting, a monumental wall decoration, a portrait bust or even a hand carved bannister or architectural detail: the university is full of art.

The Art Committee would like to take stock of the university’s art collection. To this end the committee will design a database, made available through the university website, to register all works of art. This way the collection can be easily browsed through.

We need you: to spot and register art!

We would like to call on all RUG staff members to draw our attention to works of art in and around university buildings, via our special form. Please notify us on that one particular painting in the hallway, or even the art you have in your own room or office!

That way we will get the most complete overview for the website. And perhaps hitherto unknown gems will be brought to light.

Exhibition University Museum

On the occasion of the 400 year anniversary of the University of Groningen, the Art Committee will stage an exhibition of the many different works of art in the university’s art collection. The exhibition will be held in the University Museum from April and will take the form of a nineteenth century Salon with paintings from floor to ceiling, the good with the bad, professional and amateur: the artistic university on just a few square feet.

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