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Kaleidoscope. Hidden Treasures from the University Collection

From 5 April to 17 November 2024
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Kaleidoscope reveals hidden treasures from the wondrous University of Groningen Collection. From an endless selection of beautiful birds found all over the world, to a BMW car used for psychological research. Admire colorful crystals and stones, or view a student room from the 19th century. Discover the history of the university, as well as how computers used to perform calculations.

Much has been collected since the founding of the University of Groningen in 1614, by professors such as Theodorus van Swinderen and Petrus Camper, among others. In 1934, the University Museum was established to build a historical collection. Later the collection was enriched with those of disbanded museums, laboratories and collections such as the Nature Museum, the Anatomical Museum, the Ethnographic Museum "Gerardus van der Leeuw" and collections of psychology and physics. Kaleidoscope takes you on a journey through these areas of science and shows the rich history through more than 200 unique objects.

The exhibition also invites you to decide for yourself which objects you find most beautiful, most special or most spectacular. Vote for your favorite pearls from the University Collection. In this way, in the anniversary year of the RUG, we can decide together which objects are the real treasures of our University Collection.

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