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DIG IT ALL. Archaeology of the future


DIG IT ALL reveals the groundbreaking technology of modern archeology. In honour of the centennial of the Groningen Institute of Archaeology we offer a glimpse behind the scenes of this fascinating research area. Archaeologists have a clever way of using digital technologies, such as virtual reality, 3D reconstructions and drone images. This approach offers innovative opportunities of digging into the past.

The exhibition lets you experience what it is like being at an archaeological dig: through VR you can immerse yourself in tombs in ancient Italy and Greece; 3D-reconstructions bring the discovered objects, such as pottery items, to life; shipwrecks in the Dutch polders are discovered by digital analysis of small differences in height in the landscape. The archaeology of plants and animals in the Netherlands are mapped by digital reference collections. Closer to home, we take a look at the liberation of the city of Groningen after World War II and show the war-time finds in our own city on an interactive map.

A part of the exhibition can also be experienced from home: watch 3D-reconstructions of archaeological objects, discover internactive digital maps and read stories behind the groundbreaking techniques within the field of archaeology. (The website is currently only available in Dutch)

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