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Data Portal

High quality micro data is required for research on public health. Healthwise has extensive experience in utilizing, improving, collecting and designing unique data sets in the context of individual health and the economic environment.
The types of data we have access to is extraordinarily rich and complex. Survey data sets such as SHARE, SOEP and LISS require intense human capital investments to use. Importantly, rich administrative health registers on hospital admissions, mortality, long-term care utilization and medication use can only be used by designated researchers. Moreover, many data sets, e.g. LifeLines, Administrative health registers, loyalty data, sales data, SOEP, require proposals and administrative process we have experience with.
Finally, some survey data sets, such as LifeLines, LISS and SHARE may be linked to administrative data.
As a goal of making these unique data more accessible to researchers, “cutting edge” scholars are invited to collaborate with researchers associated with the Centre for Public Health in Economics and Business.  

For more information about collaborations, please contact Raun van Ooijen.

Last modified:16 April 2020 10.58 a.m.
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