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Centre for Public Health in Economics and Business

Faculty of Economics and Business
Centre for Public Health in Economics and Business Events

Public Health Brown Bag Seminars

16 January 2020
Paul Anand - An overview of capability measurement

19 December 2019
Esther Metting - The importance of stakeholder involvement in eHealth development and implementation: an overview of several studies in patients and health care providers

21 November 2019

Hermien Dijk - Do mental health problems cause problematic debt?

17 October 2019

Xander Koolman - Improving risk equalization through machine learning: a comparative evaluation of Random Forests and Gradient Boosted Machines to OLS regression

19 September 2019
Jenny van Doorn - The use of special robots in health care

7 March 2019
Susanne Täuber: Self-reliance, trust, and health literacy among citizens with low and high socio-economic status

7 Februay 2019
Roel Freriks: Special Needs Students in Regular Classrooms?

5 June 2018
Gijsbert Zwart: Risk Adjustment and Community Rating in Health Insurance Markets

8 May 2018
Susanne Täuber: Health in the participation society: Expectations from the government diverge as a function of socioeconomic status and ethnic background

6 March 2018
Bob Fennis: Health and consumer self control
Gianmaria Niccodemi: The causal effect of education on health outcomes in old age

6 February 2018
Robert Lensink: Women’s Empowerment and Domestic Abuse: Theory and Experimental Evidence from Vietnam

9 January 2018
Jelle van Essen: Mental health and work outcomes: untangling the endogeneity
Raun van Ooijen: In-home care insurance: the availability of informal care, bequests, and health expectations

5 December 2017
Daniel Howdon: Pricing Implications Of Non-Marginal Budgetary Impacts in Health Technology Assessment: A Conceptual Model
Jan Koch: Disgusting? No, just different! Understanding consumer scepticism towards sustainable food innovations

7 November 2017
Koert van Ittersum: Turning the north of the Netherlands or other areas into a Man Made Blue Zone
Jochen Mierau: The next steps towards creating the Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health

6 June 2017
Laetitia Mulder: The effects of stressing one's responsibility for being healthy
Laura Viluma: Do Caesarean Delivery Rates Rise when the Economy Declines? A Test of the Economic Stress Hypothesis?

2 May 2017
Beatriz Rodriguez Sanchez: Health-related quality of life and diabetes among the elderly: the key role of clinical complications and frailty
Martine van der Heide: Healthy-Shopping Dynamics: The Relative Healthiness of Food Purchases Throughout Shopping Trips

11 April 2017
Hermien Dijk and Roel Freriks: Measuring the cost-effectiveness of child and adolescent mental health services

Marit Drijfhout: Food waste

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