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Career Services

Career Services

Book us for your event!

You can book Career Services trainers to provide workshops for (study) associations, Faculties and (other) organisations linked to the University of Groningen. If you are interested in organizing a workshop for your students or your members, please choose one of the following themes:

- CV tips
- Cover letter
- Networking
- LinkedIn
- Self analysis
- Personal branding
- Teamwork
- Assessment
- Job interview
- Job interview training for student boards

Next to providing workshops/training you can hire us for CV,-cover letter,- and LinkedIn checks. Example events where we could do this are career fairs and conferences.

A couple of house rules:

- Please contact us no later than 6 weeks ahead of your scheduled event. We can’t guarantee that we are available, but this increases the chance that we are.
- We don’t provide workshops any shorter than two hours
- The trainer has the right to reject your request. A good reason for rejection would, for example, be quality. Sometimes, due to e.g. group size, time available or the request itself, the quality will not be as high as we and our customers, are used to. This is a reason for us not to do it, as we strive for high quality training.

Een workshop aanvragen kan via dit formulier .
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