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Hitchhiking 2.0

This weekend two committees of Caerus, AEOLUS and the Social Committee, are joining forces in the organization of the second hitchhiking competition. On Saturday morning, at 6am, 15 couples will receive the location of their destination. The competition will take the couples across the Dutch border into assumingly German or Belgian lands on their way to the yet to be revealed destination. Of course, the team that arrives first will be the winner, however, travelling is not always about the destination. Along the way, couples can earn points in several challenges such as, taking a selfie with the driver or joining in with some hardcore carpool karaoke. After all couples have arrived, everybody shares their crazy stories of their journeys and has a great night in the city of the destination. The day after, there is a little bit of time to explore the city and afterwards, Caerus has organized transport back to Groningen. The couples are now collecting as much cardboard as they can in order to make original signs for the upcoming journey!

Laatst gewijzigd:05 mei 2017 19:33

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