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Groningen aims to be the healthiest city in the Netherlands

26 mei 2017

Healthy ageing is already one of the main themes of the University of Groningen, and now the city of Groningen has taken on the challenge to become the healthiest city in the Netherlands. The city is already well underway with its unique city plan, allowing no cars in the city center causes much room for cyclists and pedestrians. Furthermore the city has a lot parks and other green sceneries. Now the municipality board aims to take it to the next level. They want to the first smoke-free generation to grow up and make more space for pedestrians, cyclists, and exercise. In order to achieve this, six focus points have been appointed: active citizenship, accessible green areas, active relaxation, healthy mobility, healthy building, and healthy nutrition. Many institutions across the city all collaborate on different projects within these focus point to help achieve the goal. These institutions include the University of Groningen, Hanze school of applied sciences, the local football club FC Groningen, Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands, and the hospital UMCG. This is a nice example of a complex issue being solved by combining different disciplines over different projects, something UCG aims to teach its students.

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