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Caerus board elections!

12 mei 2017

The year is coming to its end, and thus it is time to choose a new board for Caerus, the study association of UCG. Caerus organizes social and academic events for UCG students throughout the whole year. The events like the hitchhiking competition, parties, lectures, lasertag, and the trip to Prague are organized by a variety of committees that students can join. The board of Caerus is responsible for the overall smooth running of the association, and is a fun way of developing skills and talents. The board consists of a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Committee Affairs Officer, and External Affairs Officer. The candidates that run for these positions have presented their motivation and ideas to other Caerus members during Election Night. The day after, all members are able to vote for the candidates that they think are most suitable. On Monday, when the results are in, the new board will be presented during a nice social event. The next day, they will start working with the current board to fully ensure a good transition for the next year.

Laatst gewijzigd:12 mei 2017 15:47

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