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University Medical Center Groningen

V.E. Heininga, MSc

PhD student

Personal statement

My interest in research arose when writing my first bachelor thesis involving Forensic Social Network Analyses. Intrigued by social network dynamics and scientifically challenged, I applied for the ICS Research Master Programme with integrated PhD training. My passion for research really flourished during this master and especially during my masters thesis project. Through this experience I have learned that my curiosity, creativity and perseverance fit well to the challenges research can offer. Moreover, I have become increasingly aware of the fact that expertise as well as enthusiasm are both crucial for being a good scientist. As a PhD student, I am very fortunate to have excellent supervisors who help me build a solid foundation in psychology and psychiatry. In the future I would like to continue to accumulate my knowledge on positive emotions, gain more experience in research, and, most of all, continue my passion.

Laatst gewijzigd:06 mei 2017 11:48


Kamer: Triadegebouw, ingang 24, Kz1.08