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S.P.M. (Steven) Willemsen, MA

S.P.M. (Steven) Willemsen, MA
PhD candidate
Steven Willemsen is a PhD Candidate and Junior Lecturer in Film and Media Studies. His research interests lie in film theory, narratology, and cognitive approaches to the Arts and Humanities. He is currently working on a doctoral thesis examining experiences of narrative complexity in film, blending narratological and embodied-cognitive perspectives. He is author of Impossible Puzzle Films: A Cognitive Approach To Contemporary Complex Cinema  (with Dr. Miklós Kiss, Edingburgh University Press, 2017), co-editor of the book series  Sleutelteksten in Film- en Mediatheorie  ( Key Texts in Film and Media Theory), and has been a Visiting Research Scholar at the University of California, Santa Barbara, at the Research Centre for Literature & The Mind (2016-17).
Laatst gewijzigd:28 februari 2017 11:34
Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 26
9712 EK Groningen
Kunsten, Cultuur & Media
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