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prof. dr. P. (Pim) van Dijk

University Medical Center Groningen
prof. dr. P. (Pim) van Dijk
+31 50 361 2550

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Other positions:
Section Editor of Elsevier's Hearing Research
Scientific Advisory Board American Tinnitus Association
Chair of the Neuroimaging Working Group of the Tinnitus Research Network TINNET
Bestuur Huizinga Stichting
Bestuur Stichting Steun Gehoorgestoorde Kind
Bestuur Steunfonds Audiologie
Bestuur Regina Meisner Fonds
Audiology, Tinnitus, Biophysics of Hearing
Most recent publications:

Lanting, C. P. , de Kleine, E. , Langers, D. R. M. , & van Dijk, P. (2014). Unilateral Tinnitus: Changes in Connectivity and Response Lateralization Measured with fMRI . PLoS ONE , 9 (10), [110704]. 10.1371/journal.pone.0110704
van Dijk, M. , Gravel, N., Haak, K. V. , Jansonius, N. M. , van Dijk, P. , & Cornelissen, F. W. (2014). Small connective fields in the extrastriate regions of a hemispherectomized patient . Perception , 43 (5), 471-471.
Geven, L. I. , Koeppl, C. , de Kleine, E. , & van Dijk, P. (2014). Plasticity in tinnitus patients: a role for the efferent auditory system? . Otology & Neurotology , 35 (5), 796-802. 10.1097/MAO.0000000000000307
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