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prof. dr. M. (Martin) Lenz

prof. dr. M. Lenz

I generally try to connect research on early modern and medieval philosophy with a view to contemporary themes, thus bringing to bear the history of philosophy on current issues and vice versa. A recurrent theme in my written work is the construal of the relations between language, thought and the world. While I place a strong emphasis on a historically apt methodology, my main goal here is not to simply uncover forgotten theories, but to evaluate their argumentative frameworks in comparison to contemporary intuitions.

After my Habilitation in 2009, I became increasingly intrigued by questions of normativity. What is the measure according to which our thoughts are (taken to be) true and false? And how do standards of epistemic and semantic correctness relate to standards of action? Is there a common core – grounded perhaps in a notion of rationality – or are these standards unrelated? Trying to combine historical and contemporary discussions, I currently work on three different research projects (please contact me if you're interested):

  • Norms in Nature? Transformations of Essentialism 1274-1787
  • Socializing the Mind: Intersubjectivity in Early Modern Philosophy (Spinoza, Locke, Hume)
  • Naturalism and Teleology in Spinoza’s Philosophy (with Dr Andrea Sangiacomo)
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