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dr. M. (Miklós) Kiss

dr. M. (Miklós) Kiss
050 36 36078 (secr.)
Universitair Docent in Film- en Mediastudies
Overige functies:
- Core group member of ERC-funded project 'Rethinking Disability' (Consolidator Grant)
- Innovation of Teaching fellow (FIT 2017-18) at RuG
- Editorial Board Member of the online journal [in]Transition (the first peer-reviewed academic journal of videographic film and moving image studies)
- Editorial Advisory Board member for The Audiovisual Essay website (a REFRAME project)
- Onderzoeker (ICOG – Groningen Research Institute for the Study of Culture)
- Member of the Educational Committee for the Research Master Literary and Cultural Studies
- Member of Research Centre Arts in Society (theme groups 'Arts and Cognition', 'Art, Medium, and Moving Images' and 'Arts and Narrative')
Narratieve en cognitieve filmtheorie
(Videographische) Filmanalyse

* Audiovisual essay, videographic scholarship 
* Visualization: Narrative mapping
* Contemporary complex cinema, puzzle films
* 3D cinema
Laatst gewijzigd:01 maart 2017 07:42
Oude Boteringestraat 34
9712 GK Groningen
Opleiding Kunsten, Cultuur en Media
Kamer: Oude Boteringestraat 23: 4429.0116
PhD supervision (The Cognitive and Hermeneutic Dynamics of Complex Film Narratives)
PhD supervision (The Subjective Frame: a Cognitive Approach to Authenticity in Documentary Film)