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Research groups

Prof. dr Ryan Chiechi
Ryan Chiechi - Chemistry of Molecular Materials and Devices
Dr. Katalin Barta
Katalin Barta - The Barta Group
Prof. dr Sijbren Otto
Sybren Otto - Systems Chemistry
Dr. Martin Witte
Martin Witte - The Witte Group
Witte GroupProf. dr Syuzi Harutyunyan
Syuzi Harutyunyan - Auto-catalytic and cross-catalytic systems
Prof. dr Wesley Browne
Wesley Browne - The Browne Group
Prof. dr Kees Hummelen
Kees Hummelen - (Bio)Organic Materials and Devices
Prof. dr Gerard Roelfes
Gerard Roelfes - Biomolecular Chemistry
Prof. dr Ben Feringa
Ben Feringa - The Feringa Group
Dr. Anna Hirsch
Anna Hirsch - The Hirsch Group
Prof. dr Adri Minnaard
Adri Minnaard - The Minnaard Group
Dr. Edwin Otten
Edwin Otten - The Otten Group
Dr. Marthe Walvoort
Marthe Walvoort - The Walvoort Group
Dr. Remco Havenith
Remko Havenith - The Havenith Group
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