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founded in 1614  -  top 100 university

SOM Research Institute

SOM is the research school of FEB and consists of the Research Institute, the Graduate School Economics and Business and SOM Applied Research.
The Graduate School Economics and Business offers a honours bachelor, research master and PhD programme in Economics & Business.

Awarded Grants and Prizes

2014, NWO grant
Prof. J.C. Wortmann and P. Buijs, MSc
"'Sustainable logistics in fresh food"
2014, NWO grant
Dr K. Scholten, Prof. D.P. van Donk and Prof. G.S. van der Vegt
"'Enhancing resilience while maintaining efficiency: planning and human decision-making for the unpredictable’"
2014, NWO grant
Dr J. Veldman, Prof. R.H. Teunter, Prof. I.F.A. Vis and Prof. K.J. Roodbergen
"Sustainable logistics service offshore wind farms"
2014, VENI
Dr J.W. Bolderdijk
"De sociale risico's van duurzame consumptie"
2013, SNN
Prof. J.C. Wortmann
SPRINT@Work (only available in Dutch)
2013, NWO
Graduate School of Economics and Business
Training of young researchers
2013, VENI
Dr M.C. Leliveld
"Buy this product and support a good cause." How do these marketing campaigns work?
2013, Dinalog
Prof. I.F.A. Vis / prof. K.J. Roodbergen
Design of LNG Networks
2012, ESRC
Groningen Growth and Development Centre
Structural change in Africa
2012, VICI
Prof. H.J. de Jong
Quality of life indicators and economic growth in the first half of the twentieth century