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Department of Otorhinolaryngology

University Medical Center Groningen

Auditory Seminars


You are invited to the auditory seminars at the Otorhinolaryngology Department of the University Medical Center Groningen. The talks are in English. Please see the schedule below.

If you would like to sign up for the e-mail list and be updated on the upcoming talks, please contact:
Deniz Ba┼čkent,
Pim van Dijk,

We gratefully acknowledge support from: Advanced Bionics, Cochlear, MedEl and School of Behavioral and Cognitive Neurosciences, University of Groningen (RUG).

We now have an option to broadcast the seminars. See the link in the last column of the schedule.
To join one of the seminars, follow the link sent in the announcements for each seminar, and click on the "Join" button. You will be asked a password, which is also sent in the announcements.
To watch the seminar you will need to install a small component on your computer (or tablet), called "WebEx Meeting Center". Although this is done automatically and only takes a few minutes, we advise you to do so some time before the beginning of the conference. To install the WebEx Meeting Center, go to, read and accept the terms and conditions, then go in the "Set Up" menu at the bottom left, and select "Meeting Center". Note that there is a problem with Chrome on Mac OSX. It is advised to use another browser (Safari or Firefox), but if you must absolutely use Chrome, there is a fix here: Once the component is installed, you should be able to see the seminar from any computer. Do not forget that you will need some loudspeakers or headphones. You will have the possibility to type questions in the chat area during or at the end of the talk.

On the day of the seminar, you will follow the link and use the password. Please be aware that by following this link and using this password you agree to not record the seminar and to not re-use the presented data without prior consent of the presenter.

Do not hesitate to contact Paolo Toffanin <> if anything is unclear, or if you encounter any problem.

PROGRAM Auditory Seminars 2014-2015
2/9/2014, Tuesday, 13.30 hr

Prof. Karen Steel, recipient of the 2014 Guyot Prize,
King's College London, UK

Clues to the causes of deafness from mouse mutants

Seminar room 3226-314, ERIBA building

12/9/14, Friday, 14.00 hr

Dr. Alexis Hervais-Adelman, Functional Brain Mapping Lab, University of Geneva, Switzerland

fMRI of simultaneous interpretation reveals the brain networks of extreme language controlUMCG Onderwijscentrum, room 17
27/11/2014, Thursday, 14.00 hr Dr. Sven van Neste, University of Texas, Dallas, USA

Robbed of silence by tinnitus: How the brain as network is involved in tinnitus?

UMCG, Panoramazaal (CMC U4)
23/1/2015, Friday, 14.00 hr Prof. Astrid van Wieringen, K.U. Leuven, BelgiumWhat can we expect of normally-developing children implanted at a young age with respect to their auditory, linguistic and cognitive skills

UMCG Onderwijscentrum, room 17

17/4/2015, Friday, 14.00 hr Prof. Tobias Moser, University Medical Center Goettingen, GermanySound Encoding: From Molecular Physiology to Optogenetic Prosthetics

UMCG Onderwijscentrum, room 18

22/5/2015, Friday, 14.30 hr

Prof. Kevin Munro, University of Manchester, UK

Experience-related changes in the adult human auditory system

UMCG, room P3.270

29/5/2015, Friday, 13.30 hr Dr. Bob Carlyon, MRC Cambridge, UKBiological Bases of Pitch Perception by Cochlear Implant UsersUMCG, room T4.103
Broadcast link:

Schedule Auditory Seminars
4/10/2013, Friday, 14.00 Prof. Chris Plack, University of Manchester, UKHidden Hearing Loss: a Major Public Health Issue?Room P3.270, UMCG
8/11/2013, Friday, 14.00
Dr. Jennifer Melcher, Harvard Medical School, USATinnitus: a Problem of Ear and Brain
12/12/2013, Thursday, 10.30 Prof. Tim Griffiths, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Disorders of Auditory CognitionRoom T4.103, UMCG
10/1/2014, Friday, 14.00 Prof. Geoffrey A. Manley, Carl von Ossietzky University OldenburgWhere our ears came from: Evolutionary paths to mammalian cochleaeRoom 8,
Onderwijscentrum UMCG
17/1/2014, Friday, 14.00 Dr. David Baguley, University of Cambridge, UK
Current Perspectives on HyperacusisRoom T4.103 UMCG
7/3/2014, Friday, 14.00

Prof. John Nerbonne, CLCG, Groningen & FRIAS, Freiburg
Reporting on joint work with Dr. Martijn Wieling and Dr. Eliza Margaretha

A Structuralist Contribution to Phonetic Quality

Room 15,
Onderwijscentrum UMCG
9/5/2014, Friday, 14.00 Prof. Anne Cutler, Max Planck Institute
Vocabulary statistics influence how listeners listenRoom 8,
Onderwijscentrum UMCG

13/06/14, Friday, 14:00

Dr. Antje Heinrich, Institute of Hearing research, UK
The complex relationship between signal, environment and listener: What r-resonances can tell us about the listening strategies of young and old, native and non-native listeners for speech in noise

Room P2.246, UMCG

23/06/14, Monday, 14:00

link for broadcasting:

Prof. Andy Oxenham, University of Minnesota, USA

The role of temporal envelope and fine structure in speech perception via acoustic and electric hearing Room T4.103, UMCG
30/06/14, Monday, 14:00

link for broadcasting:

Dr. Tim Jürgens, Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg

A model of speech intelligibility in cochlear implant usersRoom 18,
Onderwijscentrum UMCG

18/9/2012, Tuesday, 14.30Auditory seminar Dr. Diane Lazard, Ecole Normale Supérieure, FrancePrediction of cochlear implant outcome in post-lingual deaf adults: From clinical factors to cerebral reorganizationRoom 15, Onderwijscentrum UMCG
25/9/2012, Tuesday, 13.00

Auditory seminar

Dr. Bob Shannon, House Research Institute, USA

Dr. Lendra Friesen, University Toronto, Canada

New developments in Auditory Brainstem Implants

CAEPs and Cochlear Implants

Colloquium KNO, P3.210, UMCG

23/11/2012, Friday, 14.00Auditory seminar Dr. Emmanuel Mylanus, UMC St. Radboud, NijmegenDoes a second cochlear implant provide added value?
Room 4, Onderwijscentrum, UMCG  
14/12/2012, Friday, 14:00
Auditory seminar Prof. Anthony T. Cacace, Wayne State University, USA
Expanding the biological basis of tinnitus: A personal perspective on imaging tinnitus-related phenomena and treatmentsRoom 15, Onderwijscentrum, UMCG  
8/1/2013, Tuesday, 15.00Auditory seminar Prof. J. Wouters, Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven, BelgiumEnhanced temporal coding in auditory prostheses can lead to improved speech perceptionRoom 15, Onderwijscentrum, UMCG
11/1/2013, Friday, 14.00Auditory seminar

Dr. Dicky Gilbers, Linguistics, RUG

Structural similarities in language and music

Room 15, Onderwijscentrum, UMCG  
1/2/2013, Friday, 14.00
Auditory seminar

Prof. David Moore, Institute in Hearing Research, Nottingham

Auditory processing and auditory attention: a rational to the diagnosis and management of auditory processing disorders

Room 18, Onderwijscentrum, UMCG  
26/2/2013, Tuesday, 14.00Auditory seminar Dr. Christian Fullgrabe, Institute in Hearing Research, NottinghamSpeech perception across the adult lifespan with clinically normal hearingRoom P2.246, Blauwe Patio, UMCG
15/3/2013, Friday, 14.00Auditory seminar

Dr. med. Berthold Langguth, Tinnituszentrums Universitat Regensburg, Germany

Neuroplastic changes in tinnitus: findings from neuroimaging and brain stimulationRoom 18, Onderwijscentrum, UMCG  
19/4/2013, Friday, 14.00Auditory seminar

Dr. Ali Nachman, Children’s Hospital & Research Center, Oakland, USA

Retrocochlear hearing loss in infants: A Case Study of Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma

Room 18, Onderwijscentrum, UMCG
6/6/2013, Thursday, 10.00Auditory seminar

Dr. Gonca Sennaroglu, Hacettepe University,Turkey

To be announcedColloquium KNO, P3.210, UMCG
7/6/2013, Friday, 14.00Auditory seminar

Dr. Levent Sennaroglu, Hacettepe University, Turkey

To be announced
Room P2.246, Blauwe Patio, UMCG

19 September 2011, Monday, 13.00 Corne Kros, School of Life Sciences, University of Sussex, UKAminoglycoside antibiotics and the hair cell mechanotransducer channel: opportunities for otoprotectionRoom P3.210, Colloquium KNO

7 October 2011, Friday, 14.00

Laurel Carney, University of RochesterBehavioral and Physiological Studies of Amplitude-Modulation DetectionLokaal 13, Onderwijscentrum UMCG
24 October 2011, Monday, 14.00

John Middlebrooks, University of California at Irvine

Spatial hearing for complex auditory scenesLokaal 15, Onderwijscentrum UMCG
10 November 2011, Thursday, 14.00 Steve Bierer, University of Washington
Finding a balance: Design and testing of a vestibular prosthesis based on cochlear implant technology
Room P2.246, UMCG
11 November 2011, Friday, 14.00 Julie Bierer, University of WashingtonImplications of cochlear implant electrode-neuron interfacesLokaal 13, Onderwijscentrum UMCG

16 December 2011, Friday, 14.00

Deborah Hall, University of NottinghamMaximising patient benefit from tinnitus researchLokaal 18, Onderwijscentrum UMCG
13 January 2012, Friday, 14.00

Birger Kollmeier, Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg

Processing limits in cocktail parties: Modelling sensory and cognitive aspects of speech intelligibility in complex listening environments for normal and hearing-impaired listenersLokaal 15, Onderwijscentrum UMCG
3 February 2012, Friday, 14.00
Emmanuel Mylanus, University St Radboud NijmegenBilateral cochlear implantsLokaal 8, Onderwijscentrum UMCG
9 March 2012, Friday, 14.00
Marlies Knipper,

University of Tübingen

Molecular aspects of tinnitusLokaal 5, Onderwijscentrum UMCG
20 April 2012, Friday, 14.00
Kate Gfeller, University of Iowa
Cochlear implants and relations between music and speech perception
Lokaal 5, Onderwijscentrum UMCG
15 May 2012, Tuesday, 9.30 Etienne Gaudrain, MRC, Cambridge, UKTemporal coherence in concurrent speech perceptionRoom P3.210, Colloquim KNO
8 June 2012, Friday, 14.00
Fatima Hussain, University Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Imaging noise: Research at the intersection of hearing, aging and disorderLokaal 13, Onderwijscentrum UMCG
11 June 2012, Monday, 10.00 Bill Woods, Starkey Hearing Research Center, CA, USAAssessing auditive and cognitive influences on speech reception in a complex scenarioRoom P3.210, Colloquium KNO

10 June 2011, Friday, 14.00 Lars Riecke, University of MaastrichtNeural correlates of auditory continuityLokaal 17, Onderwijscentrum
13 May 2011, Friday, 14.00 Chris Plack, University of ManchesterHuman pitch perception: New insights from psychophysics and neurimagingLokaal 18, Onderwijscentrum

6 May 2011, Friday, 14.00

Russ Snyder, University California, San FranciscoIntraneural auditory prostheses: The Good, The Bad, The UglyRoom P3.210, Colloquium KNO
2 May 2011, Monday, 16.00 Monita Chatterjee, University MarylandAuditory implantsLokaal 13,Onderwijscentrum
1 April 2011, Friday, 14.00 Richard Salvi, University of BuffaloPhantom sound of tinnitus, hippocampal stem cells, memory and therapyLokaal 17, Onderwijscentrum
11 March 2011, Friday, 13.00 Joseph P. Rauschecker, Georgetown UniversityTutorial workshop: Limbic auditory interactions in tinnitusLokaal 5, Onderwijscentrum
14 January 2011, Friday, 14.00 Wouter Dreschler, Amsterdam Medical CenterPrevention of noise-induced hearing lossLokaal 4, Onderwijscentrum
16 November 2010, Friday, 14.00 Christine Köppl, Carl von Ossietzky University OldenburgEvolution of the auditory efferent system in vertebatesLokaal 5, Onderwijscentrum
5 November 2010, Friday, 14.00 Folkert Seeba, Carl von Ossietzky University OldenburgPerceptual restoration in birds and frogsLokaal 5, Onderwijscentrum
22 October 2010, Friday, 14.00 Ben Maassen, RuGAuditory Event-Related Potentials (AERPs): Studies in children at risk of dyslexia and speech disordersLokaal 18, Onderwijscentrum
7 September 2010, Tuesday, 13.00 Jim Hudspeth, Rockefeller UniversityTutorial workshop: Making an effort to listenLokaal 4, Onderwijscentrum
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