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Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology

Sunset over the territory of Crustumerium
Sunset over the territory of Crustumerium

About the Research Group

In the period 2010–2015 the chair group will build on their expertise in the archaeology of the protohistoric, colonial Greek and Roman societies of Italy in various interdisciplinary projects that combine landscape archaeological, architectural, social, economic, ecological and methodological aspects of the study of Italy’s past societies, thereby continuing GIA’s strong tradition in Mediterranean fieldwork and artefact studies in Italy.

Postdoctoral Fellows


M.R. (Maria Rosaria) Cinquegrana MA 2015-2019

Prof. P.A.J. Attema

Co-promotor: Prof. dr. Marco Pacciarelli

Special activity sites along the Etruscan coast between the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age and the emergence of central Italian urbanization

A.L. (Agnese) Fischetti MA Self-funded Prof. P.A.J. Attema Ciampino: La località Marcandreola e la Via Castrimeniense
G.M. (Geertje) Klein Goldewijk MA


Prof. P.A.J. Attema

Co-promotors: Dr W.M. Jongman and Prof. J.P.A.M. Jacobs

Standard of living in the Roman Empire

A.M. (Annette) Hansen MSc 2014-2018

Prof. R.T.J. Cappers and Prof. B.J. Walker

Co-promotor: Dr. W.M. Jongman

The Agricultural Economy of Islamic Jordan, from the Arab Conquest to the Ottoman Period.
F.B.J. (Frits) Heinrich MA, MSc 2012-2016

Prof. P.A.J. Attema and Prof. R.T.J. Cappers

Co-promotor: Dr. W.M. Jongman

Productive Landscapes. An interdiciplinary inquiry into the productivity of crop husbandry in the Roman Empire 200 B.C. - A.D. 300.
Drs. F. (Francesca) Ippolito 2010-2014 Prof. P.A.J. Attema Before the Iron Age: the oldest settlements in the hinterland of the Sibaritide (Calabria, Italy)
Drs. T. (Tanja) van Loon 2010-2015 Prof. P.A.J. Attema Defining the ritual, analyzing society. The social significance of material culture in pre-Roman cult places of central Italy (ca. 900-400 BC)
Drs. M.F. (Marianna) Masci Self-funded

Prof. P.A.J. Attema

Co-promotor: Dr. A.J. Nijboer

The production of Oinotrian geometric pottery in southern Italy (Calabria, Basilicata and Campania) during the Iron Age: a comparative study on technological aspects
Drs. W. (Wieke) de Neef 2010-2015

Prof. P.A.J. Attema

Co-promotor: Dr P.M. van Leusen

Rural life in Protohistoric Italy: relating sub-surface remains to archaeological survey data
Drs. N. (Neeltje) Oome Self-funded Prof. P.A.J. Attema Hellenistisch aardewerk en Hellenistische sites in de Sibaritide
M. (Mario) Rempe Self-funded Prof. P.A.J. Attema
H.P.A. (Tineke) Roovers MA Self-funded Prof. P.A.J. Attema The impact of the population expansion on the rural society in the Hellenistic period in Magna Graecia
Drs. O.P.N. (Olaf) Satijn Self-funded Prof. P.A.J. Attema A socio-economic and political landscape archaeology of transition: southern Lazio from the Late Roman period to incastellamento
Drs. J. (Jorn) Seubers 2011-2015 Prof. P.A.J. Attema The Settlement of Crustumerium and its hinterland (800-450BC)
Drs. E. (Elly) Weistra Self-funded Prof. P.A.J. Attema and Prof. M. Kleibrink Archaic terracotta votive offering from teh Athenaion in Francavilla Marittima (Calabria, Italy)

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