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About the Institute

CLCG Mission Statement

CLCG’s mission is to conduct and support high-quality linguistic research and disseminate the results of this research to the international scientific community and to society at large.

Research in CLCG focuses on the dynamics of language. From a variety of monodisciplinary and multidisciplinary perspectives, CLCG studies computational processing of language, neurolinguistic processing and language development, processes in discourse and communication, and variation and change in linguistic structure and meaning. The aim is to uncover the processes that underlie the use of language in individuals and society.

CLCG recognizes special responsibilities in the following areas:

  • CLCG fosters interdisciplinary approaches to the study of language. The contribution of CLCG to the cognitive neurosciences is reflected in the affiliation of several CLCG members with the Research School of Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences (BCN). CLCG also actively contributes to the interdisciplinary strategic focus area Healthy Ageing of the University of Groningen through its research on typical and atypical language development and communication.
  • Linguistic research in CLCG works hand in hand with the instructional needs of the faculty, e.g., in the languages spoken in modern Europe.
  • CLCG has a special responsibility for the Dutch languages and dialects, especially those spoken in the northern Netherlands (Dutch, Frisian and Lower Saxon, including Grunnings).

Director: prof. dr. P. Hendriks

Co-ordinator: Alice Y. Pomstra

webmaster: Bart Hollebrandse

Research groups:

Computational Linguistics

Discourse and Communication

Neurolinguistics and Language Development

Theoretical and Empirical Linguistics

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