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Cell Biology

University Medical Center Groningen

Cell Biology - Preface

Cell Biology - Preface

The Department of Cell Biology of the Faculty of Medical Sciences in Groningen was founded on July 1, 2000. Its mission is to deepen, extend and transmit fundamental knowledge, necessary to understand the molecular mechanisms and thereby the functioning of cellular life. Since a malfunctioning of cells is right at the origin of numerous diseases, it is obvious that this interdisciplinary science deserves a central position in a Faculty of Medical Sciences. Accordingly, the application of cellbiological concepts in a clinical context will provide essential and important contributions to the improvement of diagnostics and therapeutics.

The Department contributes to a variety of teaching programs within the Faculties of Medical Sciences and Mathematics & Natural Sciences by means of lectures, tutorials and topical courses in cell biology and biochemistry. In addition, ample opportunities are provided for students of either Faculty to carry out bachelor and master research projects.

The Department has the ambition to perform fundamental, curiosity-driven research of the highest standard in the field of molecular cell biology. The work is carried out in a coherent and collaborative setting in ten research groups, each headed by a PI, and focusses on topics that include intracellular trafficking, autophagy, protein quality control, cell polarity, cellular metabolism and (stem)cell renewal. In a medical context, the impact of the work relates among others to a variety of neurodegenerative diseases (such as multiple sclerosis and Huntington disease), viral infection and healthy ageing.

Dick Hoekstra

Head of Department

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