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Header image Language and Communication Technologies (Double Degree Programme)

Language and Communication Technologies (Double Degree Programme)

  • Testimonial van Dmtrijs Milajevs

    PhD at Queen Mary University of London

    In the final year of my bachelor studies in computer science, I decided that I wanted to do a master where I would be able to apply my knowledge about the field. When I heard about the master in LCT, I applied immediately. I got in, which allowed me the possibility to stay for an other year in the city of Groningen.

    What attracted me in studying at the Rijksuniversiteit, was that it is a transparant university. I could easily access course descriptions and materials. What I also liked, was that I had the possibility to take courses outside my faculty. For example in philosophy. Besides studying, I did a lot of sports like fencing, swimming and horse riding. The student life experience in Groningen was amazing for me.
    During my study, I got an internship at Paylogic (a ticketing company based in Groningen). Later, I've joined Paylogic as a backed developer and I gained a PhD position at Queen Mary University of London. Here I work on Distributional Semantics, looking at the meaning of representations of words and phrases. Currently, I am in the final year of my PhD and I am looking for postdoc positions. Who knows, maybe there will be one in Groningen!

    – Dmtrijs Milajevs
  • Testimonial van Master's Student Isolde van Dorst

    I really enjoy the enthusiasm and passion that the teachers have here

    My name is Isolde van Dorst (21) and I am currently studying the Erasmus Mundus Language and Communication Technologies. Before this, I studied the bachelor English Language and Culture here at the University of Groningen as well.

    Why Groningen?

    I chose this Master's track because I was interested in linguistics (through my bachelor), but I also wanted to expand into a different direction than I was able to during my bachelor. As I already went abroad during my bachelor, I knew I would enjoy that part of this programme very much as well. However, I did decide to still apply for a place at the University of Groningen, in my home country, because I really enjoy the enthusiasm and passion that the teachers have here. In addition, it is a high ranking university that would help me develop as a person as well as a student.


    After finishing my Master's track I am hoping to either get a PhD position in computational linguistics or find a job that allows me to travel as well as inspires me to continue expanding my knowledge.

    – Master's Student Isolde van Dorst
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