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founded in 1614  -  top 100 university
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Research master - full-time


  • Testimonial of Sarah Willemsen

    PhD Experience with Sarah Willemsen at Crustumerium

    Sarah WillemsenWatch this video
  • Testimonial of Nikolaas Noorda

    Rebuilding the site with Nikolaas Noorda at Crustumerium

    Nikolaas NoordaWatch this video
  • Testimonial of Remco Bronkhorst

    Field Survey at Crustumerium with Remco Bronkhorst

    Remco BronkhorstWatch this video
  • Testimonial of Pir Hoebe

    For my MA I am specializing in hunter-gatherer cultures in Northwestern Europe during the Late Stone Age

    Pir HoebeRead more
  • Testimonial of Sandra Beckerman

    PhD Researcher at the University of Groningen

    Sandra BeckermanRead more
  • Testimonial of Patty Huijbers

    Research Master's Student Patty Huijbers About Her Research Assistants Programme

    Patty Huijbers Watch this video
  • Testimonial of Marjolijn Admiraal

    Placement at the National Museum of Natural History

    Marjolijn AdmiraalRead more
  • Testimonial of Master's Ambassador Francis Koolstra

    From an early age on I was already fascinated by the past and I knew I wanted to pursue this later on.

    Master's Ambassador Francis KoolstraRead more