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Holly Jane Shaddock

Bachelorstudent European Languages and Cultures
Holly Jane
Holly Jane

About Holly Jane

Hello! My name is Holly Jane, I am 21 and come from England. I am a first year European Languages and Cultures student. I love meeting new people and playing various sports, as well as spending time with friends and having a drink together.

Why European Languages and Cultures?

I chose to study European Languages and Cultures because I am interested in learning languages along with gaining broader knowledge, so I thought that the programme structure was ideal. For me, the chance to make my own decisions about how to shape my study was very appealing.

Why Groningen?

I love the international atmosphere that Groningen offers, whilst still being typically Dutch. It’s a great student city - small enough to cycle everywhere, but large enough to be a fun place to live. There’s always something exciting going on, from cultural events to parties. There are so many opportunities to join sports clubs and societies - you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy.

About the future

I am very interested in human rights, particularly the rights of women, so I would be very happy to work in that area. I definitely wish to broaden my horizons by travelling - I think it is really important to experience other people’s cultures and way of living where possible.

Good advice

My advice would be to go into things with a very open mind, take advantage of all the opportunities you are offered, and don’t be afraid to create your own opportunities! Studying internationally can be very daunting, and it’s not always easy, but the experiences that you will have and the confidence you will gain are completely worth it. You will make friends for life, from so many different countries - I am now fairly certain that no matter where in the world I may be stranded, I’ll always be able to find a sofa to sleep on thanks to the friends I have made here.

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