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Jeugdjournaal besteedt uitgebreid aandacht aan start project 'gezamenlijke kinderfeestjes'16 October 2017
Research Centre on Profound and Multiple Disabilities is verheugd over aandacht in regeerakkoord voor mensen met een zeer ernstige verstandelijke en meervoudige beperking12 October 2017
Daydreams in a computer model02 October 2017
SPO Groningen weer aan top in Keuzegids HBO28 September 2017
An overview of social discontent in the Netherlands26 September 2017
Marten Hoekstra wint Scriptieprijs Sustainable Society met onderzoek naar aardbevingsproblematiek25 September 2017
A taste of psychology, Weekend of Science, October 722 September 2017
Wat is een goede les..., volgens leerlingen?19 September 2017
Groningen sociologists in action during anti-bullying week18 September 2017
Lesson Study-event in Martini Plaza - 8 oktober08 September 2017
New PhD Scholarship Programme (september 2016)01 September 2017
Leraren gaan beter lesgeven dankzij Lesson Study28 August 2017
How can you select the best students?19 April 2017
Teachers possibly under-equipped for addressing bullying14 September 2016
Lerarenbeurs voor onderzoek naar etnische identiteitsontwikkeling migrantenpleegkinderen24 June 2016
Older people deal with emotions at work better than their younger colleagues22 June 2016
Kirsten van den Bosch wint Ds. Visscherprijs 201618 March 2016
Fewer solo accidents thanks to simple adjustments to the verge09 December 2015
Better soundscapes can reduce problem behaviour21 October 2015
University of Groningen and Energy Academy Europe launch unique massive online open course (MOOC) on Energy Transition24 September 2015
Project STARS brengt romantiek en seks onder Nederlandse jongeren in kaart12 September 2015
Reporting on remote global events influences local group relationships12 August 2015
How accurate is our perception?29 July 2015
University of Groningen researchers present results of Wind Energy Knowledge Plan pilot study23 July 2015
Groningen starts pilot on preventing language deficiency in children15 July 2015
1 dag student Psychologie08 September 2014
New Unifocus: Spinoza Prize for Piersma; an app to eat healthily; and the oldest seeds in the world18 June 2014
Students win Green Mind Award: pavement garden for the University Library11 June 2014
University of Groningen offers resit training on 14 and 15 June11 June 2014
RUG400 celebrations rounded off in style with festivities for everyone10 June 2014
More health risks among young people10 June 2014
Progressief chronisch nierfalen eerder vast te stellen en te behandelen06 June 2014
Spinoza Prize winner: ‘I embrace the fuzzy nature of ecology’06 June 2014
Research on therapy for loved ones of missing persons05 June 2014
Educatieve kinderdag op vliegveld Eelde in Pinksterweekend05 June 2014
Countries must prevent genocide earlier05 June 2014
National Student Survey results: University of Groningen student satisfaction grows04 June 2014
Voorkomen van depressie door verbeeldingskracht04 June 2014
Testing anti-bacterial materials for braces and prostheses03 June 2014
University of Groningen purchases Public Library building for the Faculty of Law03 June 2014
Six hundred children step into a church time capsule02 June 2014
Jihadist videos throw light on suicide attacks02 June 2014
Walk for Infinity: Following in the footsteps of Ubbo Emmius28 May 2014
Empathy can be trained28 May 2014
Top quality accommodation for University College Groningen students28 May 2014
Radboud and UMCG awarded major European grant for rare children’s disease27 May 2014
Intensive counselling programme for pre-university and senior general secondary school pupils26 May 2014
Multinational closes a subsidiary: higher salaries for former employees26 May 2014
FutureLearn signs the University of Groningen as its first Dutch partner25 May 2014
Physical education important for academic achievement in special primary education23 May 2014
Infoversum podium voor publiekslezingen RUG-toppers23 May 2014
A road map for suicide research22 May 2014
University of Groningen gauges opinion on gas extraction22 May 2014
The smartest cells come from Groningen22 May 2014
New Zernikeborg building will probably resemble a WV shape21 May 2014
Team met Jan Komdeur wint eerste Bio Art & Design Award19 May 2014
NWO grant for sea turtle research in the Caribbean13 May 2014
Academieplein closed to cyclists from 13 to 26 May13 May 2014
Prof. Carl Djerassi, father of oral contraception, to visit University of Groningen12 May 2014
Inaugural lecture Jos de Keijser: 'Complex grieving is treatable'09 May 2014
Healthy fats protect babies against obesity in later life08 May 2014
Hoeveel ijsjes kun je maken van al het Noordpoolijs?08 May 2014
NWO grants awarded to six University of Groningen researchers08 May 2014
Bacteria populations hedge their bets06 May 2014
Ambassador of Mongolia to deliver keynote speech at CEASG Launch Conference01 May 2014
Dutch Poet Laureate next Guest Writer at University of Groningen29 April 2014
Students’ writing skills far below par28 April 2014
Royal Decoration for Douwe Draaisma25 April 2014
Royal Decoration for Gillis Dorleijn25 April 2014
Royal decorations for six University of Groningen staff members25 April 2014
Royal Decoration for Wied Ruijssenaars25 April 2014
Royal Decoration for Robert van der Meer25 April 2014
Royal Decoration for John Nerbonne25 April 2014
Royal Decoration for Feikje Vellinga-Schootstra25 April 2014
Boudewijn Smits (biographer Loe de Jong) in VPRO Boeken24 April 2014
Live streaming: symposium en oratie prof.dr. Lex Hoogduin (vanaf 13.30)22 April 2014
Inaugural lecture Prof. Lex Hoogduin: ‘Including complexity in economic thinking will lead to improved supervision of banks’17 April 2014
Loe de Jong biography appears on historian’s 100th birthday16 April 2014
Opening hours of the University and the University Library over the Easter weekend16 April 2014
DNB President Klaas Knot to visit anniversary exhibition on predecessor Duisenberg15 April 2014
Bachelor in Liberal Arts and Sciences added to University of Groningen degree programmes in Studielink14 April 2014
Employees more likely to imitate unethical behaviour in subordinates than in managers14 April 2014
Magazine and timeline for 400 years of the University of Groningen09 April 2014
Research into carbohydrates shows promising results for healthy food and BioBased Economy09 April 2014
Nieuwe Broerstraat 5, thema: Viering 400 jaar RUG ‘For Infinity’09 April 2014
Successor to flash memory lasts much longer08 April 2014
King Willem-Alexander to open 400th anniversary celebrations at the University of Groningen04 April 2014
400 primary schoolchildren to open For Infinity: 400 years of Academic Science in Groningen exhibition03 April 2014
Two young Groningen researchers win NWO Rubicon travel grants01 April 2014
Gripping answers to 400 questions from the public31 March 2014
AG Architecten to design the renovations for the University of Groningen Library27 March 2014
Young children’s performance in science and technology depends on the context27 March 2014
Wanted: 1,000 volunteers27 March 2014
Increase in municipal housing costs the smallest ever27 March 2014
Space research institute SRON, Province and University of Groningen sign ‘Deal of the North’26 March 2014
Running shoes will not prevent running-related injuries26 March 2014
Voorronde internationale FameLab wedstrijd in Groningen25 March 2014
KNAW and University of Groningen ratify continuation of NIDI knowledge institute19 March 2014
New methods for treating severe jaundice in newborn babies and adults10 February 2014
Revolutionary new view on heritability in plants07 February 2014
Extra advertising during the Winter Olympics has little effect on sales figures05 February 2014
Success of smart grids depends on connecting domains05 February 2014
Honorary doctorate for Unilever top man Paul Polman04 February 2014
Fish swim more efficiently in schools03 February 2014
Study shows independent association between diabetes and depression and impulse control disorders including binge-eating and bulimia31 January 2014
Christian Zuidema Lecturer of the Year29 January 2014
Open Day at the University of Groningen: thorough introduction to up to four degree programmes28 January 2014
Renovation plan for University Library creates more workstations and makes building future-proof28 January 2014
Millions worth of grants for four Groningen top researchers27 January 2014
Spinning skyrmions show way to new electronics27 January 2014
Groningen economists predict medal table for Sochi: 6 gold medals for the Netherlands24 January 2014
Fear of earthquakes risen sharply among inhabitants of earthquake zone24 January 2014
Royal decoration for Professor of Social Psychiatry Hans Ormel23 January 2014
Three out of every ten students still live in Groningen ten to fifteen years later22 January 2014
A troubled childhood can have its advantages21 January 2014
University of Groningen wants to predict unrest17 January 2014
Problem solving based Intervention increases awareness of employability among ageing workers17 January 2014
Teacher Education University of Groningen is training educational administrators in Kenya16 January 2014
Eating too much salt increases risk of heart attack15 January 2014
Microbes can evolve into savvy traders15 January 2014
Aletta Jacobs Prize 2014 for UN Under-Secretary-General Noeleen Heyzer13 January 2014
Nieuw type spraakklep biedt perspectief voor patiënten zonder strottenhoofd13 January 2014
Prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant for Melinda Mills09 January 2014
PLOS One article: What cues do ungulates use to assess predation risk in dense temperate forests?07 January 2014
€1.1 million in funding for UMCG research into cancer and depression07 January 2014
Registration for University of Groningen VWO and HAVO exam training now open!06 January 2014
’s Heeren Loo Zorggroep and University of Groningen cooperate in academic workplace03 January 2014
Smartphone app predicts depression18 December 2013
Four young Groningen researchers win NWO Rubicon travel grants13 December 2013
Policy to increase employment opportunities for young adults with a disability is essential12 December 2013
Sexual arousal suppresses feelings of disgust05 December 2013
Doubt about effectiveness of general approach to improving study success14 November 2013
Decreased metabolism in ageing brain causes memory problems08 November 2013
App voor onderzoek naar groente- en fruitconsumptie01 November 2013
Panic disorder: talk and pills effective31 October 2013
University of Groningen investigates opinions on gas extraction29 October 2013
Interpretation of pain determines pain perception24 October 2013
Novice teachers benefit from intensive supervision10 October 2013
Research into 'disgust' by Peter de Jong at Labyrint TV (October 13)08 October 2013
Contact with fellow-sufferers does not always help bereaved relatives of suicide victims03 October 2013
Health psychology department starts research into effects of treating despondency in chronically ill patients02 October 2013
Stressful events determine adolescents’ temperament04 September 2013
Float an idea past the boss? Acceptance depends more on the type of manager than the content of the idea02 September 2013
Birth control pill can intensify jealousy experiences within intimate relationships27 August 2013
Decrease in Problem Behaviour following discontinuation of antipsychotics in Individuals with Intellectual Disability26 August 2013
People with psychopathy can empathize with others, but this process is less automatic20 August 2013
University of Groningen investigates effect of dance and movement on Noorderzon visitors12 August 2013
Social scientists well endowed with research talent19 July 2013
The Study Centre for Children, Migration and Law in VARA documentary01 July 2013
Model helps students to grasp scientific articles18 June 2013
Questionnaires improve detection of psychosocial problems in children aged 2-4 years12 June 2013
Music therapy creates rest and relaxation for people with dementia07 May 2013
Faculty of GMW achieves excellent score in NWO Research Talent programme26 April 2013
Twintig procent van de jeugd in Groningen krijgt vorm van jeugdzorg19 April 2013
Ellen Jansen en Hans Grietens in Unifocus06 February 2013
PhD research Katia Begall (Sociology) in the media05 February 2013
Leerlingen profiteren van goed bestuur19 December 2012
Money not always an effective incentive for sustainable behaviour17 December 2012
Online computer-based testing in human resource management: contributions from item response theory06 December 2012
Family, friends and fertility06 December 2012
Emotions and identification in interactive groups29 November 2012
Value added in educational accountability: possible, fair and useful?27 November 2012
Vera Munde en Paula Sterkenburg winnen Han Nakken Prijs 201213 November 2012
Gronings onderzoek wijst uit: Regeerakkoord aanzienlijk gunstiger voor de PvdA dan voor de VVD06 November 2012
Height important factor in US presidential elections24 October 2012
Internationaal vermaard socioloog Helmut Willke spreekt op symposium in Groningen28 September 2012
Sociologisch onderzoek voorspelt coalitieakkoorden14 September 2012
Old brains communicate differently23 August 2012
Invitation NWO Information meeting Veni, Vidi, Vici03 August 2012
Major interest in research on long-term use of antidepressants20 July 2012
Patients with Dissociative Identity Disorder do remember separate identities19 July 2012
Award goes to Teacher Training Course during Education Research Days27 June 2012
First Honours degree certificate ceremony26 June 2012
Sebastian Niessen best student of the year04 July 2011
Ab Klink en Naema Tahir spreken op symposium ‘Religie, burgerschap en integratie’21 June 2011
Passive personalities run a higher risk of obesity and diabetes03 March 2011
Rechts meerderheidskabinet niet waarschijnlijk; minderheidscoalitie geeft PVV veel ruimte30 July 2010
Han Nakken Prijs ingesteld22 June 2010
Blijf depressievrij via internet22 June 2010
750 basisscholieren krijgen college op de Groningse universiteit02 June 2010
Unique research centre for people with profound multiple disabilities01 June 2010
Kiezers interpreteren niet-stemmen als steun voor de eigen partij25 May 2010
Angst voor allochtonen belangrijke voorspeller PVV-stemgedrag01 March 2010
Parents play important role in adolescents' problem behaviour23 February 2010
Baker’s yeast has a biological clock ticking too20 January 2010
University of Groningen to Launch Primary School Teacher Training College12 January 2010
Research reveals risk of sickness absence with psychological problems01 December 2009
Deaf toddlers benefit from consistently learning two languages19 November 2009
CHE Excellence Label 2009: economics and psychology among the best in Europe16 November 2009
Navigation systems could be cleverer, design must be improved20 October 2009
Jacques Wallage professor by special appointment of Integration and Public Administration 09 September 2009
Sociology research school among first winners in Graduate Programme12 August 2009
Rijksoverheid feminiseert: vooral mannen in hogere functies verlaten de dienst03 August 2009
Videoimpressie uitreiking eredoctoraten11 June 2009
Symposium ‘On the way to new identities!’23 March 2009
Pupils of Waldorf schools very weak at maths27 February 2009
Universiteit op zoek naar beste scholierenonderzoek25 February 2009
Stress onder controle via ademhaling17 February 2009
Marleen Janssen world’s first professor of deafblindness17 February 2009
Leading researcher in social psychology Marilynn Brewer to receive honorary doctorate28 January 2009


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