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The Department of Sociology at the University of Groningen studies human society from different perspectives. Human society is an interesting but complex subject to study. On the one hand, defining the term human society has an optimistic tone; it refers to citizens who live and work together in harmony. On the other hand, the definition has a negative downside because of all the tensions, conflicts and violence that exist in societies, both past and present. In the capacity as sociologist you study human society on a large scale, such as in a country, but also on a small scale, such as life in a village community or a family unit.

Sociology for Exchange students

A number of courses in sociology and methodology on the bachelor level are open to international students with suitable qualifications and will be given and examined in English. You find an overview of those courses under the link Bachelor programme on the left. Apart from the courses listed there, students can also choose from the broader selection of courses in the Faculty (see the courses offered in our Faculty Exchange guide). Individual training in research or problem elaboration (e.g. related to your Bachelor Thesis) is also possible, depending on our own expertise, and is subject to further consultation.

For more information, please download our Exchange Guide.

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