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Going Google

How to Go Google

From 2 July e-mail addressed to you at will be sent to your Google mailbox.

Logging in

You can access your Google Apps University of Groningen account via . This is where you log in with your S or A number and password (RUG account). Once you have logged in, you will see a screen with a request from SURFconext. Click on Yes, share this information to activate your Google Apps for Education account.

Accepting this request does not mean that your information will literally be shared; after all, your password remains a RUG password. Accepting the request converts your RUG account into a Google Apps University of Groningen account.

Request of SURFconext
Request of SURFconext

Google password (Application Specific Password)

If you use a non-browser application like Thunderbird, an app on your phone or tablet or a widget, you will not be able to log in with your RUG account (S or A number and password). Instead, you will need a Google password an application-specific password. Check the manual to see which steps you need to take to create a Google password.

Migrate your old e-mail

If you want to keep any of your old e-mails (from, you will have to migrate them yourself. Migrating is very simple with the migrating tool. Please do this by 31 December 2013.
N.B. Your access to will lapse after this date.

Suggestions on how to get started with Google Apps for Education.

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