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Faculty of Economics and Business
Centre of Expertise Healthwise Events

Public Health Brown Bag Seminars

7 March 2019
Susanne Täuber: Self-reliance, trust, and health literacy among citizens with low and high socio-economic status

7 Februay 2019
Roel Freriks: Special Needs Students in Regular Classrooms?

5 June 2018
Gijsbert Zwart: Risk Adjustment and Community Rating in Health Insurance Markets

8 May 2018
Susanne Täuber: Health in the participation society: Expectations from the government diverge as a function of socioeconomic status and ethnic background

6 March 2018
Bob Fennis: Health and consumer self control
Gianmaria Niccodemi: The causal effect of education on health outcomes in old age

6 February 2018
Robert Lensink: Women’s Empowerment and Domestic Abuse: Theory and Experimental Evidence from Vietnam

9 January 2018
Jelle van Essen: Mental health and work outcomes: untangling the endogeneity
Raun van Ooijen: In-home care insurance: the availability of informal care, bequests, and health expectations

5 December 2017
Daniel Howdon: Pricing Implications Of Non-Marginal Budgetary Impacts in Health Technology Assessment: A Conceptual Model
Jan Koch: Disgusting? No, just different! Understanding consumer scepticism towards sustainable food innovations

7 November 2017
Koert van Ittersum: Turning the north of the Netherlands or other areas into a Man Made Blue Zone
Jochen Mierau: The next steps towards creating the Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health

6 June 2017
Laetitia Mulder: The effects of stressing one's responsibility for being healthy
Laura Viluma: Do Caesarean Delivery Rates Rise when the Economy Declines? A Test of the Economic Stress Hypothesis?

2 May 2017
Beatriz Rodriguez Sanchez: Health-related quality of life and diabetes among the elderly: the key role of clinical complications and frailty
Martine van der Heide: Healthy-Shopping Dynamics: The Relative Healthiness of Food Purchases Throughout Shopping Trips

11 April 2017
Hermien Dijk and Roel Freriks: Measuring the cost-effectiveness of child and adolescent mental health services
Marit Drijfhout: Food waste

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