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Faculty of Economics and Business
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Faculty of Economics and Business

The Faculty of Economics and Business offers a wide range of educational programmes at Bachelor, Master and PhD level. Our staff and students work together closely on renewed research projects, often at international level. Not only do students receive knowledge to excel in their field of expertise, but also skills that are crucial in future international oriented organisations. Our faculty is part of the University of Groningen, a dynamic academic environment, founded in 1614 and known for its rich research tradition.

Developing and applying knowledge works best in cooperation. That is why FEB wants to work together with companies, local governments and other organisations. By working together, our partners benefit from our academic knowledge, while we benefit from their practical knowledge. For an overview of the cooperation possibilities with FEB, we would like to refer you to our business portal .

FEB wants to share its academic insights with the business community and has therefore established a number of centres of expertise. Hence, GGDC is part of a motivated community of professors and researchers that wants to strengthen the relationship between science and practice. Together we are pushing back the boundaries of our knowledge, improving our education and implementing our expertise to optimise the future of organisations.

Centres of expertise

The faculty of Economics and Business distinguishes nine centres of expertise – clusters of scientists/researchers within a specific discipline. You can approach the centre of expertise that is relevant for your organisation. Or you can participate in long-term studies. By working together with one or our centres of expertise, you will automatically have access to recent research, courses and conferences.

These are our centres of expertise:

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