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World Input-Output Database

Release of new WIOD Socio-Economic Accounts

Datum:02 februari 2018

Today the GGDC released the Socio-Economic Accounts (SEA), part of the WIOD 2016 release.

Real GDP per capita from 1870-2016

VoxEU column on Rebasing 'Maddison'

Datum:25 januari 2018

A new column on VoxEU is online, discussing the new version of the Maddison Project Database, which was released two weeks ago. The key innovation is to distinguish two series for real GDP per capita, one best suited for comparing income levels across countries,...

Scotland's Place in Europe

Value chains and the Scottish economy

Datum:17 januari 2018

A recent report on the imortance of trading links with Europe for the Scottish economy emphasises the importance of taking a global value chain perspective to analysing this topic. The report relies on the WIOD database to make these arguments.

Real GDP per capita from 1870-2016

Maddison Project Database 2018

Datum:11 januari 2018

A new version of the Maddison Project Database has been released today. This new version introduces a new measure of real GDP per capita that is based on both modern and historical comparisons of income levels, leading to a 'multiple benchmark' measure similar...

Top-40 of Dutch Economists

Strong GGDC showing in top-40

Datum:21 december 2017

The annual top-40 of economists and business researchers in the Netherlands features both Marcel Timmer (24) and Robert Inklaar (32). This ranking, produced by the journal Economische and Statistische Berichten, is based on each researcher's 15 best academic...

The regional impact of Brexit

Press coverage: the regional impact of Brexit

Datum:21 december 2017

The recent research by Wen Chen, Bart Los and others about how different regions in the UK and in Europe could be affected by Brexit has attracted substantial media attention, from The Guardian, the New Statesman, the Evening Standard, Metro, The Huffington...

US jobs and economic ties with the Netherlands

US jobs and economic ties with the Netherlands

Datum:19 december 2017

How important is the trade relationship between the Netherlands and United States for American jobs? In a recent tweet, the Dutch Embassy in Washington DC claims that 740 000 American jobs depend on economies ties with the Netherlands: due to exports from the...

Brexit impact across UK regions

The regional impact of Brexit

Datum:19 december 2017

In a new paper in Papers in Regional Science and a column on VoxEU, Bart Los and Wen Chen – together with Phil McCann, Raquel Ortega-Argilés, Mark Thissen and Frank van Oort – show how the impact of Brexit on labour income varies across the different regions...

Brexit secretary David Davis

Sectoral impact assessment of Brexit

Datum:12 december 2017

Where the UK government was not able to come up with a clear estimate of the impact of Brexit across sectors, Bart Los and Wen Chen, collaborating with Philip McCann (Sheffield) and Raquel Ortega-Argilés (Birmingham) have done so in a new policy briefing. They...


Intangible capital in Global Value Chains.

Datum:07 december 2017

The WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) just released its biannual yearbook in a public launching event. This year's topic is "Intangible Capital in Global Value Chains"; the WIPO report  can be downloaded here. The underlying report, written by...

The UK in a Changing Europe

Economic consequences of Brexit

Datum:02 november 2017

Phillip McCann (Sheffield) will today present joint research with Bart Los at a conference that is organized as part of The UK in a Changing Europe initiative. The presentation focuses on the regional exposure to Brexit of regions in the UK and in Europe, ...


Production networks and inclusive growth

Datum:01 november 2017

Gaaitzen de Vries presented recent work with Sébastien Miroudot and Marcel Timmer on functional specialization in international trade at an UNCTAD expert meeting on October 26. The meeting included contributions from the minister of industry and productivity...

Source: The Economist, 'Open Up', Jan. 3 2008

Brain gain from emigration

Datum:01 november 2017

The research of Marianna Papakonstantinou is featured in Trouw (in Dutch): she finds that countries with greater emigration subsequently experience faster growth in knowledge-intensive industries. This implies that factors such as return migration, spending...


Productivity slowdown & peak trade

Datum:30 oktober 2017

Bart Los presents today at a workshop organised by IVIE in Valencia on the World Input Output Database and the research on 'peak trade', based on the paper An Anatomy of the Global Trade Slowdown based on the WIOD 2016 Release.

Regional losses of labour income

Regional Brexit exposure

Datum:29 september 2017

Bart Los presented at the European Regional Science Association Congress held in the last week of August, in Groningen. Bart presented recent work on the "GDP exposure to Brexit" of regions on both sides of the Channel. The study, co-authored by Wen Chen (GGDC),...

MIT's Samberg Center

Sessions at SEM conference

Datum:28 juli 2017

Marcel Timmer and Robert Inklaar each organised a session at the 4th annual conference of the Society for Economic Measurement, at MIT, from July 26 to 28. The session by Marcel Timmer was on trade and global value chains and included presentations by Robert...

Robert Inklaar

Robert Inklaar appointed full professor

Datum:15 juli 2017

On July 1, Robert Inklaar was appointed Professor in the Economics of Productivity and Welfare at the University of Groningen. The main research objective of this new chair is to better understand how automation will affect not just economic activity, but living...

Gaaitzen de Vries

Research Professor appointment for Gaaitzen de Vries

Datum:07 juli 2017

Gaaitzen de Vries has been appointed special term Research Professor of Global Value Chains at the University of International Business and Economics, Beijing. The centre in which he participates is dedicated to research activities on the development of Global...

Peak trade

Peak trade @ HK

Datum:02 juni 2017

Marcel Timmer presents on 'International Production Fragmentation and the Global Trade Slowdown' at a conference at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Other presenters include Sam Kortum, Stephen Yeaple and Costas Arkolakis. This presentation...

NEMO Kennislink

Robots & the future of jobs? It's complicated

Datum:31 mei 2017

On the (Dutch) Kennislink website, Robert Inklaar discusses how the spread of robots is a challenge for those with jobs involving routine tasks, yet embracing robots may be preferable to jobs disappearing overseas.

Princeton University Conference

Progress on new Maddison Project Database

Datum:30 mei 2017

Robert Inklaar presented joint work with Jutta Bolt, Jan Luiten van Zanden and Herman de Jong at the International Comparison Conference in Princeton on May 25. The presentation reported on progress towards a new version of the Maddison Project Database on...

Het Financieel Dagblad

Peak trade and Dutch exports to Germany

Datum:25 april 2017

Global trade is no longer expanding as it used to, in part because Chinese consumption is shifting towards services produced at home (see the underlying paper). The Financieel Dagblad discusses this research in an article about Dutch exports to Germany. Bart...


ESRC grants on Brexit consequences

Datum:18 april 2017

Marcel Timmer and Bart Los are contributors to two of the 25 winning consortia that will conduct research on the consequences of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union for the British ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council). Timmer will participate...

Digging into Data challenge

'Big data' grant: online prices & living standards

Datum:29 maart 2017

The Transatlantic Platform has awarded a Digging into Data grant of €375,000 to an international team of researchers, with the team for the Netherlands led by Robert Inklaar and also including Marcel Timmer. The grant is awarded for a project to use online...

Trade growth and long-term trend

Reformatorisch Dagblad: stagnating world trade

Datum:28 maart 2017

The Reformatorisch Dagblad reported last Saturday about the stagnating growth of world trade, interviewing Marcel Timmer about the drivers and consequences of this development. For the research by Timmer and other about the drivers of the global trade slowdown,...

Eurostat NTTS conference

Official statistics and global value chains

Datum:17 maart 2017

Bart Los is presenting today at the Eurostat conference on New Techniques and Technologies for Statistics 2017 on how the research on global value chains has used existing data and how official statistics could be improved to shed better light on international...


Contributing to WIPO report on intangible assets

Datum:17 maart 2017

Wen Chen, Reitze Gouma and Marcel Timmer have prepared two reports as background for the upcoming World Intellectual Property Report 2017. The reports aim to measure the importance of intangible assets in global value chains. They were presented on March 16...

London School of Economics

Inequality in Ghana

Datum:16 maart 2017

Jutta Bolt is presenting today in the Economic History Seminar at the London School of Economics (LSE) on project, jointly with PhD student Prince Young Aboagye on "Doing well while doing good? Long-term trends in income inequality in Ghana 1895-2015".


The returns to intangible capital in global value chains

Datum:11 maart 2017

Marcel Timmer today presents new research, jointly by Wen Chen and Bart Los, on measuring the returns to intangible capital in global value chains at a conference of the NBER's Conference on Research in Income and Wealth (CRIW) on Measuring and Accounting for...

Gaaitzen de Vries

WTO lecture on job market polarization

Datum:02 maart 2017

Today, Gaaitzen de Vries will give a lecture in the World Trade Organization's Trade Dialogues Lectures. His contribution to this series, which has seen earlier contributions by David Dorn (U. of Zürich), Eric Verhoogen (Columbia) and others, focuses on the...

Alan Heston (r) with Fred Vogel

Alan Heston's ICP memoirs

Datum:01 februari 2017
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

Alan Heston, one of the original forces behind the International Comparison Program (ICP) and the Penn World Table has drafted a memoir of these major undertakings, which have transformed international economic statistics over the past half century. We here at...

Marcel Timmer (Foto: Jeroen van Kooten)

Limited lobby for a Trump-led trade war

Datum:30 januari 2017

In an interview with the (Dutch) Financieel Dagblad, Marcel Timmer argues that the current era of production fragmentation makes it less likely that a trade war will flare up: "Lobbying for protection from foreign competition only makes sense if a producers relies...

CBS workshop

Using Employer-Employee data

Datum:16 januari 2017

On January 13, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) held a workshop on the opportunities for research using linked employer-employee data (LEED). This workshop was co-organized by Gaaitzen de Vries. One of the strengths of LEED is that it is possible to track workers...

VOX logo

Reconstructing GDP for Spain

Datum:21 december 2016

Leandro Prados de la Escosura, who holds the Maddison Chair in Groningen, has just published a VOX column discussing his recent project, in which he has reconstructed the National Accounts for Spain back to 1850, i.e. some 100 years before official National...

Inequality and GDP lecture

Inequality lecture at EIB

Datum:20 december 2016

Robert Inklaar lectures today at the European Investment Bank about Inequality and GDP. He will argue that our understanding of income differences across countries depends crucially on accurate and frequent comparisons of prices across countries as reliance...

Jutta Bolt

Jutta Bolt named Wallenberg Academy Fellow

Datum:02 december 2016

Jutta Bolt has been named as one of the 29 new Wallenberg Academy Fellows for 2016. This prestigious Swedish research grant by the Wallenberg Foundation of approximately €1mln will allow Jutta Bolt to devote more time to her research, in part at Lund Unive...

World Bank

Global value chains and economic development

Datum:30 november 2016

Gaaitzen de Vries spoke last Monday at the World Bank conference on 'Making Global Value Chains work for Development'. This conference brought together experts discussing the measurement, trends and determinants of global value chains. Gaaitzen talked about...

Het Kasteel

Call for papers – GGDC conference

Datum:30 november 2016

On June 28–30, we organise a conference to celebrate the 25 year anniversary of the Groningen Growth and Development Centre (GGDC) in Het Kasteel in Groningen. The conference will feature many prominent speakers: Dale Jorgenson (Harvard) will give an opening...

Peak trade

Peak trade on NRC

Datum:24 november 2016

NRC, a Dutch daily newspaper, has just published an interview with Marcel Timmer centred around the report on peak trade, An Anatomy of the Global Trade Slowdown based on the WIOD 2016 Release. The title of the article is telling: "The politician who aims to...

Peak trade

Peak trade on VoxEU

Datum:21 november 2016

VoxEU now also has a column on the recent report on peak trade, An Anatomy of the Global Trade Slowdown based on the WIOD 2016 Release.


Globalization statistics for inclusive growth

Datum:17 november 2016

Marcel Timmer is due to speak at the Fourth IMF Statistical Forum, "Lifting the small boats: statistics for inclusive growth". This forum addresses current challenges faced by statisticians in capturing globalization, inequality, financial inclusion, and the...

Peak trade

Peak trade?

Datum:09 november 2016

The (Dutch) Financieel Dagblad reports on new GGDC research: An Anatomy of the Global Trade Slowdown based on the WIOD 2016 Release. This paper is based on the newly released WIOD data and analyses why global trade has not grown as rapidly since 2008 as in the...

World Input-Output Database

Release of new WIOD data

Datum:08 november 2016

A new version of the World Input-Output Database (WIOD) has been released. Important features are the coverage of a more recent period, 2000–2014, more extensive data for 43 countries (rather than 40) and 56 sectors (rather than 35), and a switch to the 2008...


Regions in global value chains

Datum:07 november 2016

Bart Los presents at the OECD's 31st Meeting of the Working Party on Territorial Indicators on new indicators of participation in global value chains at the regional level. These are based on regionally disaggregated World Input Output Tables that have been...

Daron Acemoglu (MIT)

The race of man against machine

Datum:02 november 2016

This upcoming Saturday, November 5, we welcome top economist Daron Acemoglu (MIT) to Groningen for the next Maddison lecture, on The Race of Man against Machine. In this public lecture, jointly organised with In the LEAD, we are looking forward to hearing Acemoglu's...

VOX column

Biased technical change?

Datum:25 oktober 2016

Laurie Reijnders, Marcel Timmer and Xianjia Ye have written a column for VOX EU based on their most recent research. They argue that the perspective of global value chains allows one to distinguish bias in technical change from the effects of offshoring. Applying...

JEH, September 2016

Lagging productivity in German manufacturing in the early 20th century

Datum:20 september 2016

Marcel Timmer, Joost Veenstra and Pieter Woltjer have published in the Journal of Economic History. Their paper, titled "The Yankees of Europe? A New View on Technology and Productivity in German Manufacturing in the Early Twentieth Century" studies why labor...

AER, July 2016

How to measure domestic value added in exports

Datum:20 september 2016

Bart Los, Marcel Timmer and Gaaitzen de Vries have published in the  American Economic Review . Their article is title "Tracing Value-Added and Double Counting in Gross Exports: Comment" and they propose a method that provides a clear definition of domestic...

JEH, September 2016

Did technology shock drive the Great Depression?

Datum:20 september 2016

Robert Inklaar, Herman de Jong and Reitze Gouma have published a note in the Journal of Economic HistoryIn this paper, titled "A Note on Technology Shocks and the Great Depression", they argue that their own earlier work and a more recent contribution by...

Global trade peaked with the 2008 financial crisis

Peak trade?

Datum:16 september 2016

Marcel Timmer gave a keynote lecture on this topic at a conference organised by the Bank of Lithuania, which also included speakers such as Richard Baldwin, Fabio Ghironi, and Laura Alfaro. The presented research, jointly by Timmer, Bart Los, Gaaitzen de Vries...

Trade impact (source: NY Times; Paul Windle)

NY Times: 70 million Chinese jobs from trade

Datum:13 september 2016

The New York Times Magazine picked up research by Bart Los, Marcel Timmer and Gaaitzen de Vries: "Last year, economists at the University of Groningen, in the Netherlands, said that by their very rough estimates total foreign demand for Chinese goods may have...

Income and Wealth activities

Datum:13 september 2016

GGDC researchers played several important roles at the recent General Conference of the International Association for Research in Income and Wealth (IARIW), in Dresden. This biennial conference brings together academic researchers and official statisticians...

PWT 9.0 data corrections

Datum:19 augustus 2016

Thanks to helpful user queries, we have found two computation errors in the PWT 9.0 data that were released on June 9 2016:

GDP per person in China and Vietnam

Vietnam as the next China?

Datum:10 augustus 2016

The Economist uses data from the Penn World Table to illustrate how Vietnam's growth in GDP per capita over de past quarter century matches China's growth experience following its liberalizing reforms in the late 1970s.

Top economist Daron Acemoglu to give next Maddison lecture

Datum:10 augustus 2016

On Saturday November 5, from 11:00–13:00, Daron Acemoglu of MIT will give the next Maddison lecture. Details to follow.

Globalisation & inequality Summer School

Datum:10 augustus 2016

The GGDC Summer School 2016 took place between July 11 and 15 and featured several lectures by Branko Milanović, on inequality and the role of globalisation, as well as lectures by other renowned scholars. Around 25 students from all over the world participated...

Intangible capital and growth

Datum:09 juli 2016

On June 30, Wen Chen successfully defended his PhD thesis titled Intangible capital and economic growth. He continues his research career in Groningen as a postdoc on Marcel Timmer's Vici project.

Economic measurement

Datum:09 juli 2016

Marcel Timmer and Robert Inklaar presented their research at the 2016 conference of the Society for Economic Measurement. Marcel Timmer presented a framework for measuring productivity when production is fragmented across borders and prices are imperfectly...

Input-output conference training

Datum:02 juli 2016
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

Bart Los and Erik Dietzenbacher are teaching a module on Structural Decomposition Analysis as part of the International School of Input-Output Analysis on Monday July 4, ahead of the International Input-Output Conference in Seoul, Korea.

Guardian: Brexit would divide Britain

Datum:22 juni 2016
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

The Guardian has written about the report by Bart Los and others on regional support for Brexit and dependence on the EU.

Brexit and EU dependence

Datum:14 juni 2016
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

Ahead of Britain's referendum on EU membership, Bart Los has co-authored a study with Philip McCannJohn Springford, and Mark Thissen

PWT 9.0 has been released

Datum:09 juni 2016
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

A new version of the Penn World Table, 9.0, has been released and is available here.

High-tech manufacturing?

Datum:08 juni 2016
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

Can we still classify an entire industry as technology intensive? At a workshop of the US National Science Foundation, Bart Los argued that this is an outdated perspective in a time when electronics manufacturing in one country may involve the development and...

NBER international comparisons conference

Datum:30 mei 2016
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

Robert Inklaar and Marcel Timmer presented at a conference at MIT on International Comparisons of Income, Prices, and Production, on the upcoming update to version 9 of the Penn World Table. Participants included Nobel laureate Angus Deaton (Princeton), Bob...

World KLEMS conference

Datum:27 mei 2016
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

Gaaitzen de Vries, Abdul Azeez Erumban and Marcel Timmer presented at the fourth World KLEMS conference in Madrid on May 23 and 24 on issues of productivity and global value chains

Robert Inklaar wins WF Duisenberg Fellowship Prize

Datum:27 mei 2016
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

Robert Inklaar has won the WF Duisenberg Fellowship Prize, awarded every two years to the best young applied macroeconomist in the Netherlands. The jury praised his publication record and contribution to policy debates. On receiving the prize, he discussed...

Productivity conference covered

Datum:27 mei 2016
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

ABC espana, amongst other Spanish media, covered the main highlights of the fourth World KLEMS conference. This conference was organised by IVIE in cooperation with Harvard University and the GGDC.

Insight in Exports

Datum:27 mei 2016
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

Marcel Timmer discusses in an interview in Het Financieel Dagblad (in Dutch) how improved data collection and analysis leads to greater insights in the export performance of countries. Important insights relate to the interconnectedness of manufacturing and...

Mapping welfare

Datum:26 april 2016
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

Marcel Timmer was an advisor to the temporary committee of the Dutch Parliament (Tweede Kamer) on the measurement of welfare. The report of commission, titled "Welvaart in Kaart" (Mapping Welfare), is available here.

The cost of Brexit

Datum:22 april 2016
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

A recent study, by CEPR and LSE, shows that if Britain leaves the European Union, the costs in terms of lower living standards would be substantial. The economic model that was used relies on the data of the World Input-Output Database.

Peak trade?

Datum:22 april 2016
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

Global trade has grown faster than global GDP for decades, but this pattern has recently reversed. Accounting for this slowdown is the aim of new research by that is presented today at a conference on "Productivity and External Balancing", jointly organised...


Did the developing world suddenly become much richer?

Datum:14 maart 2016
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

The answer is 'no', as shown in a paper by Robert Inklaar and Prasada Rao (University of Queensland) that has just been accepted by the American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, which ranks in the top ten of economics journals.

The shrinking role of industry in exports

Datum:20 januari 2016
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

Today's Financieel Dagblad (Dutch only) writes about the recent report on Dutch competitiveness by Marcel Timmer and Gaaitzen de Vries. The article and report discuss how services industries in the Netherlands add a growing share of the value of exports from...

GGDC at "The Day of Industry 2016"

Datum:18 januari 2016
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

On Wednesday January 20, VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland have organized 'De dag van de Industrie 2016' (the day of industry 2016) at the Nieuwspoort in the Hague. During that day, Gaaitzen de Vries will present the main outcomes from a report he and Marcel Timmer...

GGDC and societal relevance

Datum:18 januari 2016
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

We were very happy that a committee of esteemed colleagues recognized the usefulness of our research and database development efforts in the national Research Review of the faculty's research school, SOM. This helped contribute to the faculty's research program...

Globalization and inequality

Summer School on Globalization and Inequality

Datum:13 januari 2016
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

This summer, from July 11-15, the GGDC organizes a Summer School on the topic of Globalization and Inequality. Lecturers include Branko Milanović, Remco Oostendorp and Leandro Prados de la Escosura. The Summer School is intended for PhD students, research master...

Job dynamics in Asia

Datum:13 januari 2016
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

Gaaitzen de Vries will present today at the Asian Develoment Bank's 'Key Indicators for Asia and the Pacific 2016 Conference' on the topic of global value chains and job dynamics. This three-day conference has a number of other notable speakers, such as Stanford's...

Technology or trade?

Datum:11 januari 2016
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

In an article for the Dutch magazine Economisch Statistische berichten, Marcel Timmer outlines future research on global value chains. In some first results, he shows that international outsourcing has considerably smaller effects on employment than technological...

Resource misallocation: where to focus attention?

Datum:11 januari 2016
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

Productivity gains from a more efficient allocation of capital and labor across firms are large. However, a recent study of manufacturing firms in low- and middle-income countries by Robert Inklaar, Addisu Lashitew and Marcel Timmer, finds that the gains are...

Knowledge spillovers from organisation capital?

Datum:11 januari 2016
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

The results of some recent studies suggests that organization capital – what firms knows about their assets and how they can best be used – could be a source of productivity spillovers. The recent paper by Wen Chen and Robert Inklaar, forthcoming in the Journal...

Nominal world GDP trends

World GDP should not be falling

Datum:15 december 2015
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

A recent discussion on VoxEU about trends in world GDP illustrates how the wider use of Purchasing Power Parities (PPPs) would lead to figures that are more readily plausible and easier to interpret.

Man and machine

Datum:11 december 2015
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

Herman de Jong and Marcel Timmer contributed to the KVS Preadviezen “De match tussen mens en machine” [The match between man and machine], edited by Bas ter Weel. They presented their contributions at the Behandeling van de KVS Preadviezen in The Hague.

Round table on the future of economic growth research

Datum:10 december 2015
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

Marcel Timmer participated in a round table discussion on 'Future Trends in the Economics of Growth', where he talked about the need for more work on growth of welfare, rather than GDP; see his presentation. The round table was hosted by Mark Sanders of Utrecht...

Expert meeting on Global Value Chains

Datum:30 november 2015
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

Gaaitzen de Vries participated in an expert meeting on the Dutch economy in Global Value Chains organized by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the recent report by De Vries and Timmer on the mutual dependence of manufacturing and services for Dutch...

Trade in value added research covered on RTL-Z

Datum:25 november 2015
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

Gauging the strength of the Netherlands of a trading nation and analysing where it specialises should use data on trade in value added, rather than the traditional gross trade statistics. Well-known to experts, but Marcel Timmer's research in the spotlights...

PWT 9.0: planned features and approximate release

Datum:25 november 2015
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

The next version of the Penn World Table, version 9.0, is currently under development with numerous changes. There is no firm release date at this point, other than 'as soon as possible'. Our best estimate at this point will be a release in the first quarter...

Premature deindustrialization: GGDC data in the Wall Street Journal

Datum:25 november 2015
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

While advanced economies grew rich from specialising in manufacturing and employing a large share of the labor force in this sector, the research of Dani Rodrik suggests that path is no longer available to lower-income economies today. How does he know that?...

Productivity and convergence paper accepted in JoE

Datum:21 november 2015
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

A paper by Robert Inklaar and Erwin Diewert on "Measuring industry productivity and cross-country convergence" has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Econometrics, in a special issue on economic measurement. The paper finds that cross-country productivity...

Manufacturing and services need each other

Datum:17 november 2015
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

Gaaitzen de Vries and Marcel Timmer finished a report for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairsand VNO/NCW titled: “Dutch Manufacturing Competing in Global Value Chains”. The report stresses the mutual dependence of manufacturing and services for the competitiveness...

Peer-review of new FAO Agricultural Database

Datum:12 november 2015
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

Reitze Gouma gave a presentation on the occasion of the launch of the FAO's new agricultural productivity database, indicating how incorporating measurement lessons from EU KLEMS would be beneficial.

Paper accepted on African inequality trends

Datum:08 november 2015
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

The paper ‘Long term trends in economic inequality: Lessons from colonial Botswana 1921–1974’ written by Jutta Bolt and Ellen Hillbom (Lund University) has been accepted for publication in the Economic History Review. The show a rise and subsequent decline...

Value chain specialisation in Sweden

Datum:30 oktober 2015
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

Gaaitzen de Vries completed a consultancy report on ‘Global Value Chain Specialization Patterns of Sweden and Its Key Competitors’ for Tillväxtanalys (Stockholm, Sweden). The analysis shows that Austria and the Netherlands are emerging as key competitors in...

Alternative poverty measurement

Datum:30 oktober 2015
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

Robert Inklaar presented research-in-progress with Jutta Bolt at a World Bank meeting. The main question is whether the World Bank's approach to measuring global poverty does adequate justice to cross-country differences and whether a new method for determining...

El Pais on value chains

Datum:25 oktober 2015
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

El Pais reports on the changing structure of world trade using data from the World Input-Output Database (in Spanish).

Emissions growth has domestic roots

Datum:15 oktober 2015
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

Gaaitzen de Vries published new research with Benno Ferrarini of the Asian Development Bank where they account for the growth of carbon dioxide emissions due to changes in consumption, technology and global supply chain trade, see here. While emerging economies...

PWT paper appears in AER

Datum:05 oktober 2015
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

paper co-authored by Robert Feenstra from UC Davis, Robert Inklaar and Marcel Timmer has appeared in the October issue of the American Economic Review. The paper details the new version of the widely-used Penn World Table, how this database can best be used...

China-EU seminar on structural change

Datum:05 oktober 2015
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

Gaaitzen de Vries participated in an expert seminar organised by the European Commission's DG EMPL and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) on structural change.

Value added in exports paper accepted in AER

Datum:29 september 2015
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

The paper "Tracing Value-Added and Double Counting in Gross Exports: Comment" (login required), written by Bart Los, Marcel Timmer and Gaaitzen de Vries will appear in the American Economic Review. They provide a much simpler and more intuitive method for determining...

Start of the post-WIOD VICI project of Marcel Timmer

Datum:01 september 2015
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

The VICI project "Modelling Global Value Chains, a new framework to study trade, jobs and income inequality in an interdependent world" has started. This 5-year project involving a team of PhD students and post docs is led by Marcel Timmer and funded by the...

New GGDC hires

Datum:01 september 2015
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

Four new hires will strengthen the GGDC: PhD students Stefan Pahl and Aobo Jiang, and post docs Laurie Reijnders and Wen Chen.

Maddison database: update in progress

Datum:03 augustus 2015
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

Jutta Bolt presented a joint paper with Herman de Jong, Robert Inklaar and Jan Luiten van Zanden in the session ‘The Maddison project: measuring economic performance across time and space’ at the XVIIth World Economic History Congress, Kyoto. The paper reports...

WIOD course at IIOA conference

Datum:22 juni 2015
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

Erik Dietzenbacher and Bart Los taught a one-day course on the World Input-Output Database in the International School for Input-Output Analysis at the International Input-Output Conference in Mexico City.