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Datum:30 januari 2018
PhD Scholarships Economics and Business
PhD Scholarships Economics and Business

Are you a talented, ambitious and highly motivated student? Do you want to pursue a career in research within the field of Economics and Business? Then apply for our PhD Scholarships!

To stimulate innovative, interdisciplinary research projects and foremost to contribute to solving complex societal challenges FEB has established seven so-called Signature Areas. The Signature Areas are research communities where several researchers with proven track records, and oftentimes different backgrounds, work on joint research projects. PhD candidates are encouraged to define/develop their own research ideas within one of these signature areas.

Signature Area Public Health
The Signature Area Public Health invites talented students to apply for a PhD Scholarship at the Faculty of Economics and Business. In close collaboration with the Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health, the Signature Area generates insights to achieve more healthy years. Research at the Signature Area is centered around themes such as Health Inequality, Healthy Lifestyles, Mental Wellbeing and Sustainable & Affordable Care. Research is commonly data driven with an eye toward developing prevention strategies that can bring research findings into practice.

> See our opening for Promovendus Healthy Ageing en wijkverbetering in stad Groningen (deadline March 13th)
> Read more about how to apply for a PhD Scholarship (deadline: 18 February 2018)
> Read more about the Signature Area Public Health

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