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dr. P. (Peter) Meerlo

dr. P. Meerlo
+31 50 363 2334



Main scientific interests:

- The regulation and function of sleep

- The role of sleep in neuronal plasticity and memory processes

- The neurobiological consequences of disrupted and restricted sleep

- Effects of sleep loss on stress systems and stress sensitivity

- Effects of stress on the sleep-wake rhythm, sleep architecture and sleep EEG

- Individual differences and gender differences in stress and sleep

- Psychiatric disorders: causes, mechanisms, and therapies


Selection of recent publications:

Meerlo P , Mistlberger R, Jacobs BL, Heller C, McGinty D. New neurons in the adult brain: the role of sleep and consequences of sleep loss. Sleep Medicine Reviews 13: 187-194, 2009 .

Meerlo P , Sgoifo A, Suchecki D. Restricted and disrupted sleep: effects on autonomic function, neuroendocrine stress systems and stress responsivity. Sleep Medicine Reviews 12: 197-210, 2008.

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