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dr. P. (Peter) Meerlo

dr. P. Meerlo
+31 50 363 2334



Main scientific interests:

- Biological clocks and circadian rhythms

- The regulation and function of sleep

- The role of sleep in neuronal plasticity and memory processes

- The neurobiological consequences of disrupted and restricted sleep

- Effects of sleep loss on stress systems and stress sensitivity

- Effects of stress on the sleep-wake rhythm, sleep architecture and sleep EEG

- Individual differences and gender differences in stress and sleep

- Psychiatric disorders: causes, mechanisms, and therapies


Selection of recent publications:

Havekes R, Bruinenberg VM, Tudor JC, Ferri SL, Baumann A, Meerlo P, Abel T. Transiently increasing cAMP levels selectively in hippocampal excitatory neurons during sleep deprivation prevents memory deficits caused by sleep loss. Journal of Neuroscience 34: 15715-21, 2014.

Coolen A, Plassman K, Barf P, Fuchs E, Meerlo P. Telemetric study of sleep architecture and sleep homeostasis in the day-active tree shrew Tupaia belangeri. Sleep 35: 879-888, 2012.

Kamphuis J, Meerlo P, Koolhaas JM, Lancel M. Poor sleep as a potential causal factor in aggression and violence. Sleep Medicine 13: 327-334, 2012.

Koolhaas JM, Bartolumucci A, Buwalda B, de Boer SF, Flügge G, Korte SM, Meerlo P, Murison R, Olivier B, Palanza P, Richter-Levin G, Sgiofo A,  Steimer T, Stiedl O, Van Dijk G, Wöhr M, Fuchs E. Stress revisited: a critical review of the stress concept. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews 35: 1291-1301, 2011.

Hagewoud R, Bultsma L, Koolhaas JM, Meerlo P. Sleep deprivation impairs contextual fear conditioning and attenuates subsequent behavioral, endocrine and neuronal responses. Journal of Sleep Research 20: 259-266, 2011.

Hagewoud R, Havekes R, Tiba P, Novati A, Hogenelst K, Weinreder P, Van der Zee EA, Meerlo P. Coping with sleep deprivation: shifts in regional brain activity and learning strategy. Sleep 33: 1465-1473, 2010.

Hagewoud R, Havekes R, Novati A, Keijser JN, Van der Zee EA, Meerlo P. Sleep deprivation impairs spatial working memory and reduces hippocampal AMPA receptor phosphorylation. Journal of Sleep Research 19: 280-288, 2010.

Lucassen PJ , Meerlo P, Naylor AS, Van Dam AM, Dayer AG, Fuchs E, OomenCA, Czeh B. Regulation of adult neurogenesis by stress, sleep disruption, exercise and inflammation: implications for depression and antidepressant action. European Neuropsychopharmacology 20: 1-17, 2010.

Meerlo P , Mistlberger R, Jacobs BL, Heller C, McGinty D. New neurons in the adult brain: the role of sleep and consequences of sleep loss. Sleep Medicine Reviews 13: 187-194, 2009 .

Meerlo P , Sgoifo A, Suchecki D. Restricted and disrupted sleep: effects on autonomic function, neuroendocrine stress systems and stress responsivity. Sleep Medicine Reviews 12: 197-210, 2008.

Novati A, Roman V, Cetin T, Hagewoud R, Den Boer JA, Luiten PGM, Meerlo P. Chronically restricted sleep leads to depression-like changes in neurotransmitter receptor sensitivity and neuroendocrine stress reactivity in rats. Sleep 31: 1579-1585, 2008.

Koehl M, Battle S, Meerlo P. Sex differences in sleep: the response to sleep deprivation and restraint stress in mice. Sleep 29: 1224-1231, 2006.

Roman V, Walstra I, Luiten PGM, Meerlo P. Too little sleep gradually desensitizes the 5-HT1A receptor system in rats. Sleep 28: 1505-1510, 2005.


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