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Our latest conference 'The Information Universe' explore the role of information in the physics of our Universe. Visit to learn more and register.

Target is one of the largest ongoing public-private projects in the Netherlands in the area of  data management of large data volumes commonly referred to as Big Data. Target has set up an expertise center at the University of Groningen where partners jointly conduct R&D to develop innovative intelligent information systems that can efficiently process data and extract information from extremely large and structurally diverse scientific and other datasets. In addition to our large-scale data-intensive scientific projects, Target is involved in a number of projects with regional SMEs, national companies and public organizations in the area of health care, digitization of cultural heritage, dike monitoring, search engine technologies and more. These initiatives ensure the transfer of technology and expertise from the Target expertise center to the region's  industry and commercial sector thus actively contributing to the economic growth and societal prosperity in the north of the Netherlands.   Read more>>