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Elective BA module: International Humanitarian Action - A Dutch Perspective

International Humanitarian Action : A Dutch Perspective (DS 2014-2015) An elective module (5 ECTS) open to all students at Groningen University!!

First Semester, Tuesdays 09-11.00 hours , start September 2nd, 2014 Location: A 901

For registration and info, please contact the Dutch Studies Office at dutch.studies@

Contents of programme and objectives
Helping thy fellow man in his/her hour of need is as old as humanity itself. In all major religions and philosophical paradigms to alleviate suffering amongst fellow human beings was seen as a moral imperative. As of 1864 a more concerted effort was set up through the International Red Cross, giving birth to international humanitarian action. As of the 1990’s, international humanitarian action has become a fixed part of international co-operation (and politics). Amongst the many actors The Netherlands excels. For one, the Dutch state is one of the most fervent supporters of (inter)governmental action to alleviate suffering worldwide. Through financing operations and staffing organisations The Netherlands exert great influence. Secondly, Dutch civil society has given birth to a multitude of non-governmental humanitarian organisations, recognized globally for professionalism, zeal and tenacity.

This introductory course to humanitarian action wants to provide to University of Groningen students from various academic backgrounds an appreciation of contemporary challenges faced in supporting the most vulnerable populations in societies around the globe. Be it man- made or natural disasters, the politicization of aid, the militarization of aid, the impact of the financial crisis, security concerns, gender awareness, growing demands for accountability and transparency, all issues shape present day humanitarianism. The Netherlands play a key role, so the Dutch perspective will be dealt with in all classes.

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