Research and Teaching

University Medical Center Groningen

Genetic epidemiology


To develop a high quality research program investigating genetic and environmental influences on the etiology, prognosis and treatment of common chronic complex diseases.


  - CVD, T2D, obesity, psychosocial determinants

  - Candidate gene & genomewide association studies

  - Cohorts: Prevend, LifeLines, Trails, Nesda, Twins UK, Georgia CV Twin study

Senior staff
Harold Snieder

Full professor

Unit chair Genetic Epidemiology of CVD, diabetes & obesity
Behrooz Alizadeh Assistant Professor

Genetic Epidemiology
Peter Terpstra Assistant Professor Molecular Bioinformatics
Ilja Nolte Post-doc Statistical Genetics
Harriëtte Riese Post-doc Psychiatric Genetic Epidemiology
Jana van Vliet Post-doc Genetics of obesity and type 2 diabetes
Junior staff
Shifteh AbedianPhD-fellow
Marzyeh AminiPhD-fellow
Arthur SasMD-PhD student

Healthy aging and longevity
Bram Prins PhD fellow Rare variants in common diseases
Ahmad Vaez PhD fellow Medical Bioinformatics
Jelle VehofResearch fellow genetic epidemiology of eye diseases
Loretto Munoz VenegasPhD fellow genetic epidemiology of heart rate variability
Bin WangPost-doc Genetic epidemiology and twin studies

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