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University Medical Center Groningen

Genetic epidemiology


To develop a high quality research program investigating genetic and environmental influences on the etiology, prognosis and treatment of common chronic complex diseases.


  - CVD, T2D, obesity, psychosocial determinants

  - Candidate gene & genomewide association studies

  - Cohorts: Prevend, LifeLines, Trails, Nesda, Twins UK, Georgia CV Twin study

Senior staff
Name Fuction/collaboration e-mail address Topic
Harold Snieder

Full professor

Unit chair Genetic Epidemiology of cardiometabolic disease
Behrooz Alizadeh Assistant Professor

Genetic Epidemiology
Peter v.d. MostProgrammer

Programming, statistical analyses
Ilja Nolte Post-doc Statistical Genetics
Harriëtte RiesePost-doc/ Interdisc. Center of Psychiatric Epidemiology Psychiatric genetic epidemiology
Jana van Vliet Post-doc/Endocrinology Genetics of obesity and type 2 diabetes
Jelle VehofResearch fellow/Ophthalmology Genetic epidemiology of eye disease
PhD fellows
Name Collaboration with e-mail address Topic
Shifteh Abedian Methods in Pharmacogenetics
Marzyeh Amini Mendelian Randomization in Genetic Epidemiology
Atiqul IslamPsychiatry, GROUP Schizophrrnia & statistical modeling
Omid JazayeriGenetics Next-generation (exome) sequencing in patients with microcephaly
Loretto Munoz Venegas
Bram Prins Rare variants in common diseases
Arthur SasMD-PhD student

Healthy aging and longevity
Ahmad Vaez Medical Bioinformatics
genetic epidemiology of heart rate variability
Bin WangPost-doc Genetic epidemiology and twin studies

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