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Minor & Subsidiary

Minor & Subsidiary

Faculty of Arts

N.B. Changes to the range of Faculty Minors as of academic year 2016-2017
The information on this page concerns academic year 2015-2016. The range of Minors offered by the Faculty of Arts will probably change radically in 2016-2017. From next year on, you will not choose a Minor until the first semester of your third year of study. The available Minors will enable you to thoroughly prepare for your future career, for example in the form of ‘career Minors’ including placements, Minors abroad, teacher-training Minors and Minors that prepare for specific Master’s degree programmes. More information will follow in the course of academic year 2015-2016. Keep an eye on our website.

The choice of a Minor and a Subsidiary alongside your Major creates a lot of space for an individual slant to your degree programme.

Deepening or broadening

For example, you can choose one or more academic fields alongside your Major (broadening).Or maybe you prefer course units that are closely related or an extension of your Major (deepening).


All of the Bachelor’s degree programmes at the Faculty of Arts have reserved 30 ECTS credit points for the Minor.You can choose your Minor from the list of Minors drawn up by your degree programme. Minors by degree programme


In addition to the Minor, you can further tailor your degree programme with a Subsidiary (30 ECTS). You are free to choose:

University Minors

Students of the Faculty of Arts can choose a University Minor from a different faculty as their Subsidiary.They can thus familiarize themselves with a different academic field and gain an understanding of the knowledge, methodologies and applications used there.Here is a list of University Minors from all faculties for academic year 2014-2015.

Students from a different faculty or university

Some course units are also open to students from other faculties or other universities.Please contact the relevant coordinator if you would like more information.

English-taught course units

Some course units are taught in English.Take a look at the online course catalogue (OCASYS) to see which languages course units are taught in.

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