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About the faculty

Leading in Diversity
The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences harbours a kaleidoscope of disciplines and research strengths. Our programmes in research and education range from nanomaterials and biomachinery to astronomy, from mathematics to pharmacy, from neurosciences to computer science, and from molecular and evolutionary biology to marine biology.

Our researchers pursue fundamental key questions while collaborating with partners from industry, the medical world and other realms of society. Frontline research groups explore new fields such as synthetic biologyand sustainable energy use.  


The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FWN) offers a large number of Bachelor (Undergraduate School) and Master (Graduate School of Science) programmes. Most Bachelor's (BSc) and Master's degree programmes (MSc) are English taught, allowing foreign students to follow all courses.

The main purpose of the Groningen Graduate School of Science is to provide an optimal training environment for all PhD students in the faculty. To this end, they organise courses in 'transferable skills,' coordinate and advertise courses offered by other graduate schools and research schools, provide practical information for PhD students, organise meetings and other networking activities, and provide a forum for discussion.  


Research at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMNS) is done in a number of research institutes. Researchers and research groups also participate in different local and national research institutes.

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