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Martijn van der Steen is an associate professor at the University of Groningen Faculty of Economics and Business.

The financialization of healthcare in the Netherlands

Datum:11 oktober 2017
Auteur:Martijn van der Steen

In the last decade, the Dutch government has embraced a neo-liberal agenda to deal with the rapidly rising costs of public healthcare. As a result, the characteristics of the healthcare sector have changed to include the emulation of a ‘market’ for care, government...

Dr Marijke C. Leliveld is assistant professor at the University of Groningen Faculty of Economics and Business

It’s about time! A more customer-focused government

Datum:09 oktober 2017
Auteur:Marijke C. Leliveld

Government service is often perceived as subpar. People can associate it with long lines, poor service, and unreliability when keeping to deadlines. But in recent years, governments have started to take interest in the idea of treating citizens like customers...

Marco Haan

Damaged goods

Datum:05 oktober 2017

In my Industrial Organization lectures, I like to talk about Damaged Goods, the now classic article by Deneckere and McAfee. What’s it about? In 1990, IBM introduced a cheaper version of its laser printer. Fifty percent slower, but much cheaper. However, the...

Floor Rink

The psychology of regulation: ‘involvement’ versus independence

Datum:02 oktober 2017

Regulators are well aware that management behaviour is largely determined by the corporate culture within an organization. However, in practice, shaping corporate culture is trickier than it sounds. People struggle with questions such as what is an ethical...

Sjoerd Beugelsdijk

Polarised social values harm economic development

Datum:15 september 2017
Auteur:Sjoerd Beugelsdijk, Mariko J. Klasing and Petros Milionis

A striking development in the recent years has been the increased polarisation in terms of values and attitudes that many societies around the world are witnessing. This is noticeable both in public opinion surveys as well as in recent election outcomes. People...

Dr Marcel Timmer is Professor of Economic growth and development at the Faculty of Economics and Business.

A turning point in globalisation

Datum:13 september 2017

Why was there a sudden turning point in globalisation in 2011? A new video explains the mystery behind the slow down in global trade compared to economic growth in the wake of the financial crisis.

Tristan Kohl is an Assistant Professor in Department of Global Economics and Management at the Faculty of Economics and Business.

Interview: Tristan Kohl on international economics and political economy

Datum:30 augustus 2017

How do you get into a career dedicated to understanding the causes and consequences of trade policy? We spoke to Tristan Kohl, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business. He spoke to us about how he got into academia, his research on Brexit,...

Mariann Ollár is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business.

Interview: Mariann Ollár discusses her research in mechanism design

Datum:23 augustus 2017

Mariann Ollar has been an assistant professor in the research programme Economics, Econometrics and Finance since 2016. We caught up with her to discuss her forthcoming publication, 'Full Implementation and Belief Restrictions'.

Yasemin Karaibrahimoglu is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business.

Interview: Yasemin Karaibrahimoglu on financial reporting and corporate governance

Datum:16 augustus 2017

Yasemin Karaibrahimoglu came back to Groningen after she spent part of her Bachelor studies as an exchange student at the University of Groningen (UoG). She is now an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business and is looking forward to developing...

Jutta Bolt is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business.

Interview: Jutta Bolt on her career as an economic historian

Datum:09 augustus 2017

In December 2016, Jutta Bolt received a Wallenberg Academy Fellowship by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation in Sweden. The fellowship is a prestigious grant of one million euros, comparable to a Vidi-Vici grant of the Dutch NWO. The grant meant that Bolt...

Thijs Broekhuizen is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business.

Interview Thijs Broekhuizen: coping with digital disruption

Datum:02 augustus 2017

Digitisation and the rapid development of online and mobile technologies are radically changing existing business models. While some companies struggle to implement disruptive innovations, others become new market leaders overnight. We spoke to Thijs Broek...

Bernard Nijstad

Interview: Bernard Nijstad on the relation between creativity and innovation

Datum:28 juli 2017
Auteur:Neeltje Miedema

Prof Bernard Nijstad studies the relation between creativity and innovation within organisations. He offers companies in the Northern Netherlands the unique opportunity to participate in his ground-breaking research project. Nijstad: ‘This research project...

Bart Los is Professor of the Economics of Technological Progress and Structural Change at the Faculty of Economics and Business

Interview Bart Los: the harsh truths of Brexit

Datum:26 juli 2017

In the debate over whether Britain should leave the European Union, a striking piece of research from the Faculty of Economics and Business made waves internationally.

Kees Ahaus is a Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Martin Land is an Associate Professor, and Oskar Roemeling is an Assistant Professor.

How to make healthcare more efficient? A tricky problem that affects us all.

Datum:25 juli 2017
Auteur:Kees Ahaus, Martin Land, and Oskar Roemeling

In the coming years, we will experience an increasing demand on our healthcare systems. This is set to be an even more pressing issue due to population growth and longer lifespans. In practice, it means hospitals will have to treat more patients against lower...

Ajay K. Kohli is the Gary T. and Elizabeth R. Jones Chair Professor of Marketing Georgia Institute of Technology.

Interview Ajay Kohli: What is academic impact?

Datum:19 juli 2017

Ajay Kohli is the Gary T. and Elizabeth R. Jones Chair and Professor of Marketing at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He visited Groningen to give a keynote speech at the European Marketing Academy conference. The theme of this year’s EMAC conference was...

Peter van Kampen

Greenmapper: turning research into an app to allow nature-lovers a voice

Datum:13 juli 2017
Auteur:Peter van Kampen

Peter van Kampen works at Energysense at the Faculty of Science and Engineering, at the newly developed branch office of UG in Papenburg, and at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences with a research interest in measuring preferences and developing web based or mobile...

Tristan Kohl is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business

What Brexit will do to UK trade

Datum:21 juni 2017

Faculty of Economics and Business economists Tristan Kohl, Steven Brakman, and Harry Garretsen analysed what would happen to UK trade after it leaves the European Union.

Dirk Pieter van Donk is a Professor in Operations Management at the University of Groningen.

Solving problems for a clean, local source of energy

Datum:19 juni 2017
Auteur:Dirk Pieter van Donk

Bio-diesel promises to be a clean option to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. However, it is still costly. Often, oil suited for consumption is used for it, putting pressure on food supply. With a rising world population, the idea of using food as a source of...

Jochen Mierau is associate professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Groningen

We need a school of public health to tackle the new frontier in medicine: inequality

Datum:13 juni 2017
Auteur:Jochen Mierau is Associate Professor at the University of Groningen

Poorer people have worse health outcomes than richer people. This is true not just in the Netherlands, but internationally. We see the inequality both between countries, and within them. Even when people have the same health care system, poorer people still...

Samuele Murtinu is associate professor in the Department of Innovation, Management & Strategy at the Faculty of Economics and Business, the University of Groningen.

The Bank of England must not pump money into the UK economy due to Brexit

Datum:15 mei 2017
Auteur:Samuele Murtinu

No sooner had the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union than calls began for the Bank of England to pump money into the economy to avoid deflation.

Greg Fuller is an Assistant Professor in the Department of International Relations and International Organization at the University of Groningen

How an economist predicted today’s politics in 1944

Datum:11 mei 2017
Auteur:Greg Fuller

If markets don’t produce outcomes in line with what voters want – and if politicians won’t (or can’t) address those problems – people tend to reach for more radical solutions.

Laura Maruster is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business and a researcher at the Vinci centre of expertise.

Mind your business process? Mine your data!

Datum:03 mei 2017

Data is collected nowadays about anything, at any time, and at any place. The explosion of data is changing the way organizations capture data, analyze information, make decisions, and create value. But how to deal with so much data, and often, messy data? Laura...

The research project was conducted by the Department of Innovation Management and Strategy of the University of Groningen in collaboration with researchers from the Copenhagen Business School and the University of Lisbon.

The closure of Multinational Subsidiaries: Is there a silver lining?

Datum:02 mei 2017
Auteur:Pedro de Faria

A closure of a subsidiary of a multinational company is an event that has deep economic and societal impact in the affected region, as it often leaves a shadow of unemployment. However, it, according to a recent research project done in collaboration between...

Niels Holtrop defended his PhD thesis in March 2017.

Privacy and marketing opportunities can be balanced

Datum:19 april 2017
Auteur:Niels Holtrop

Niels Holtrop explains how he developed a statistical model allowing companies to collect consumer data safely for his doctorate at the University of Groningen's Faculty of Economics and Business.

Killian McCarthy

We should put pressure on PPG to come up with a plan for AkzoNobel

Datum:07 april 2017
Auteur:Killian McCarthy

Imagine a man walks up to a woman and, without introducing himself, proposes marriage. Because the woman doesn’t know the man, and because she has a somewhat different plan for her life, she declines the offer. How many of us would object to her doing so? Now...

Jochen Mierau, Associate Professor, University of Groningen Faculty of Economics and Business

If this isn't fixed we must abandon the euro

Datum:05 april 2017
Auteur:Jochen Mierau

Talk has returned to Greece and its debt crisis. There is no acknowledgement that this situation exists merely due to a flaw in the design of the euro zone. This must be fixed if the currency is to continue -- otherwise the union will merely lurch for crisis...

Debt shift in the Netherlands since 1990 until the 2008 crisis. Source: DNB

Why Dutch debt tells us economic growth may be fragile

Datum:04 april 2017
Auteur:Dirk Bezemer

How does the financial sector help, hurt or hinder the economy? My research into this issue builds on the theory of Hyman Minsky (1919-1996), an American economist. He described how over the course of a long financial cycle, investors will shift towards riskier...

Marcel Timmer is professor at the University of Groningen and director of the Groningen Growth and Development Centre

Slowing global trade, the 'new normal'

Datum:30 maart 2017
Auteur:Marcel Timmer

Killian McCarthy

Mergers and Acquisitions: Does the Government have a role to play?

Datum:24 maart 2017
Auteur:Killian McCarthy

The Dutch M&A market is booming. Major Dutch institutions, like PostNL, AkzoNobel and Unilever, have dominated the headlines of late, having all been approached by foreign acquirers looking for new targets. Many observers have been left wondering whether this...

Rasmus Wiese and Richard Jong-A-Pin

Why bother voting anyway?

Datum:23 maart 2017
Auteur:Richard Jong-A-Pin and Rasmus Wiese

Economists Richard Jong-A-Pin and Rasmus Wiese of the University of Groningen's Faculty of Economics and Business describe how moral beliefs, not just monetary considerations, guide voters to take part in elections.

The seven coordinators of the signature areas

Seven signature areas focused on the major challenges of our time

Datum:22 maart 2017

The Faculty of Economics and Business has established seven 'signature areas' to stimulate multi-disciplinary research on major challenges like how to fund health care for an aging population and growing worldwide inequality.

Noemi Peters, Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics, Econometrics and Finance.

What led Noemi Peters to a career in Groningen?

Datum:17 maart 2017

Noemi Peters joined FEB in the fall of 2016 as Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics, Econometrics & Finance. Her interest in microeconomics and microeconometrics led her to a tenure track position in Groningen.

Viola Angelini, associate professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business, teaches health insurance as part of her lecture series on public economics and social policy.

What is the 'eigen risico' and why does it exist? An election issue explained

Datum:13 maart 2017
Auteur:Viola Angelini

A dominant issue in the Dutch election campaign has been healthcare: specifically, the rising cost of the so-called 'eigen risico'. But what does this term mean, and what is the rationale for it? Viola Angelini, an associate professor at the Faculty of Economics...

A robotic production line.

The effect of automation on our standard of living [video]

Datum:09 maart 2017
Auteur:Robert Inklaar

Automation has drastically changed our lives. Mechanical harvesting, robots to build cars, accounting software – numerous dangerous, intricate or boring tasks no longer have to be done by people. But automation also fosters the fear that jobs are disappearing...

Maarten Gijsenberg, Associate Professor of Marketing

Retail managers should really know this

Datum:06 maart 2017
Auteur:Maarten Gijsenberg

I have a message for retail managers: the effectiveness of advertising and pricing decisions are not the same throughout the year.

Gaaitzen de Vries

Polarization of the labour market: mainly driven by technological change [video]

Datum:03 maart 2017

On Thursday March 2, Gaaitzen de Vries (assistant professor at the University of Groningen and fellow of the Groningen Growth and Development Centre) gave a lecture in the widely watched World Trade Organization's Trade Dialogues Lectures.

Steven Brakman, professor of International Economics, University of Groningen.

Trump on globalisation: correct diagnosis, wrong solution

Datum:01 maart 2017
Auteur:Steven Brakman

The one issue that United States President Donald Trump has been exceptionally clear about is globalisation. He wants to protect the US economy from outside competition, because ‘jobs have disappeared to China’.

John Dong

ICT — The Next Catalyst of Innovation and Growth for European Firms

Datum:22 februari 2017

Using ICT to innovate is more than investing in computers and software. Systematic strategies must be developed to ensure that ICT investments lead to value creation. Research by John Dong has shown three strategies for firms to successfully innovate with ICT...

James Lomas of the University of York's Centre for Health Economics visited the Faculty of Economics and Business in February

The health paradox

Datum:17 februari 2017

Health treatments can be found both "cost effective" and "unaffordable". James Lomas, who visited the University of Groningen this month to give a talk on the issue unpicks this apparent paradox in a guest blog for Healthwise.

Thom de Vries, assistant professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business

Thom de Vries on managing coordination in multiteam systems

Datum:07 februari 2017

Thom de Vries, assistant professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business, recently published an article on  managing coordination in multiteam systems in Academy of Management Journal. We caught up with him to chat about the article 'Managing Coordination...

Political sentiment as measured in the 2017 Dutch General Elections programmes

The Sentiment of the 2017 Election Programmes

Datum:06 februari 2017

In the politics of recent years, emotion has played an important role, and this will be no different during the Dutch general elections in March. How do political parties deal with emotions? In a recent research project, Harry Garretsen and Janka Stoker studied...

Robert Lensink

When the evidence doesn’t add up

Datum:26 januari 2017

International development expert Professor Robert Lensink set out to examine a widely-held concept in aid. He found there was little evidence to support it.

Bart van Ark

Trump: revival or disaster for the US?

Datum:24 januari 2017

What will Donald Trump bring by 2021? Bart van Ark, economist of the New York-based The Conference Board and professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business in Groningen, analyses the road ahead.

Professor of Organisational Behavior and Identity Management Floor Rink

How best to regulate companies? Floor Rink investigates

Datum:22 januari 2017

The financial crisis of 2007-2008 exposed problems at corporations that helped derail the global economy. Despite their failings, companies fiercely resisted the idea of tighter regulations.
What does this tell us, and is our current model of regulation fundamentally...

Daron Acemoglu

Daron Acemoglu on a robotic future

Datum:18 januari 2017

What will happen to jobs as more tasks are done by robots? Will mass unemployment ensue, or will humanity adjust as it has to new technologies in the past? The answer is uncertain, according to leading economist Daron Acemoglu. The MIT professor laid out possible...