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Health insurance for students

The Netherlands has a high standard of medical care. It is, however, very important to be properly insured. Medical costs can be very high, especially if they include a stay in a hospital. Students at institutes of higher education are not automatically insured against medical expenses abroad. You must arrange this yourself.

All international students in the Netherlands must have health insurance. What kind of health insurance applies to you depends on your country of origin, age, length of stay and if you have a job in the Netherlands as well as studying.

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Check which type of Health Care insurance you need
Insurance flowchart to check which insurance is applicable to you.
EU Health Insurance Card
You can get an EU Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from your insurance company in your own country if you are insured under a national health service and you are going to be staying abroad.
Private Health Care Insurance
Insurance products especially designed for international students.
Statutory Basic Health Care Insurance
All health insurance companies in the Netherlands offer the basic Health Care insurance policy and you are free to choose whichever insurance company you prefer.