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Getting started

Online webinars

Studying in Groningen: What to expect and how to be prepared

The University of Groningen is offering prospective students the opportunity to get more pre- arrival information about preparing to come to the University. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Groningen and while coming to live and study in a new city will be an exciting experience – we know that it may also be challenging.

Free webinars

In order to help you to make the necessary arrangements before you arrive and address questions we arrange several free webinars around Admissions, Fees, Enrolment, Student Life and Visas. You can register for a webinar by clicking on the link in the table below.

Webinar about admissions office: how to apply

This webinar is interesting for you if you want to apply for a programme at the University of Groningen. During the webinar the presenter will guide you through the application process and will give you a brief overview of the application procedure. Questions answered will include how to finalise your enrolment and how to meet the conditions of your offer.

Webinar about immigration & visas

Ask your question during the Immigration and Visas Q&A! Questions answered will include:

  • How do I pay my tuition fees?
  • What do I need to do to apply for my visa?
  • Insurances and Housing
  • Medical care
  • Immigration Questions

Webinar about Groningen Experience

This webinar will cover topic about the Groningen experience. Questions answered will include:

  • Dutch Culture
  • Puplic Transport in the Netherlands
  • City Life / Night Life
  • What is the typical day in the life of a student like?
  • Housing: do's and don'ts

Register for a webinar




21 February 2017 1.30PM – 2PM* Admissions office: how to apply
21 February 2017 2.30PM - 3PM* Groningen Experience
7 March 2017 3.30PM - 4PM* Admissions office: how to apply
16 March 2017 3PM - 3.30PM* Groningen Experience

More dates on live webinars will be published here as soon as possible

*NB: Amsterdam local time

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