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Application guide

Step 2: Admission in OAS

In the admission procedure, the University of Groningen determines whether you meet the entry requirements for the degree programme of your choice. For this procedure, the University of Groningen uses its Online Admission System (OAS). OAS is linked to Studielink and allows you to upload digital copies of all the documents containing the information we need to decide whether or not you are admissible.

After you have applied for one of our programmes in Studielink, the University of Groningen will retrieve your application details from Studielink and prepare your OAS account. Within a few minutes after submitting your application in Studielink you will receive an e-mail with your OAS account details. This e-mail will contain instructions on how to access your account and complete your application.

If you haven't received the e-mail with OAS account details, please first check your spambox. Still no e-mail? And you did receive a confirmation from Studielink? If not, please check if your application in Studielink is complete. If so, contact us through (link to contactpage).

N.B. In case you forget your password, you can apply for a new one. Please read the instructions for a new password.

Completing your application

In the Online Admission System go to the Application screen and click edit. You can now complete your application and provide the required application information. > see also the step-by-step OAS manual

The OAS application procedure involves 12 steps. Please that note that OAS Step 1: Personal details and Step 2: Address details have already been completed based on the information you entered in Studielink. Step 6: Proposed programme has been partly completed.


The information that has been entered into your OAS account based on what you entered in Studielink, cannot be changed in OAS! So, if you want to change your personal or address details, or want to change your choice of programme, you need to do this in Studielink.

Sometimes Bachelor or Master programmes offer different specializations that are not always listed in Studielink. To complete the admission procedure, we need to know for which specialization you want to apply. In case specializations are offered, they will be listed in OAS. Please pick the specialization of your choice in OAS Step 6: Proposed programme, in the box Specialization.

In the Online Admission System, at Step 8: Supporting documents you can upload digital copies of the documents that are required to process your application. For more detailed information about required application documents, please check Application documents.  

Submitting your application

Please make sure that you complete all steps, including Step 12: Submit. This last step is essential: the University of Groningen is not allowed to start processing your application for admission unless you complete Step 12: Submit.
After you have submitted your application, you will receive an e-mail confirming the receipt of your application, with further information about the admission procedure.  

Please note that applications for the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences will only be processed after a refundable application fee of €75 has been received.

The admission procedure

After you have submitted your application for admission through our Online Admission System, the admission procedure will start. This procedure comprises 6 basic steps:

1. Receipt

First of all, you will be sent an email confirming that we have received your application.
Then, one of our Admissions officers will screen your application to see whether we have received the required information to start processing your application for admission.

2. Assessment

Once we have received the required application documents we will send your application to the Faculty Admissions Board to be reviewed. This means they will assess your educational background to determine whether you meet the entry requirements of the degree programme of your choice.

3. Decision

There are three options for the decision of the Admissions Board:

  • You are admitted.
  • You are conditionally admitted, i.e. you will be admitted, provided you meet certain conditions.
  • You are not admitted, because you do not meet the programme's entry requirements. The reasons will be clearly stated in the official letter, which will also give information about the procedure of appeal.

4. Offer

In case you are not admitted, you will receive a letter from the Admissions Board specifying the reasons for their decision and giving information about the procedure of appeal.

In case you are admitted, you will receive a letter from the Admissions Board offering you a place on the degree programme of your choice. In case your admission is conditional, the letter will specify the conditions you need to meet to be admitted.

5. Response

If you have been made an offer for (conditional) admission, we will ask you to respond to this offer, i.e. to let us know whether or not you accept the offer.

6. Decree of Admission

When you have accepted the offer and after any remaining conditions have been met, the University will produce a Decree of Admission, which is the official legal statement based on which you can be registered as a student of the University of Groningen.

> More information about registration

The Online Admission System offers you the possibility to keep track of the progress of your admission procedure.  

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