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Application guide

Step 1: Application in Studielink

Studielink is the national on-line system for application and registration with Dutch universities.

  • Go to Studielink and apply for your Studielink account. You will receive an email with your Studielink login details within minutes. Please also check your spambox for this email!
  • Login to Studielink, enter your personal data, set a personal password, and click “Send my Details”. After that, follow the link “To my personal page”, where you click “New Enrolment Application”.
  • Select the correct academic year, select “University” and choose the relevant course category. With “Search further by" pick “name of institution”. In the next screen, choose “Rijksuniversiteit Groningen” (the official Dutch name of the University of Groningen). After that, select your programme.
  • Complete the next steps and click “Send my enrolment application”.

> How does Studielink work: a brief instruction

> A detailed step-by-step manual for the use of Studielink, with screenshots

PLEASE NOTE: In case you have a non-Dutch nationality and/or a non-Dutch diploma (or Dutch diploma that does not give automatic access to the programme of your choice), Studielink will send you a message stating that our university has to verify your educational prerequisites and/or your personal details. To do this we use our Online Admission System, see step 2.

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