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Application guide

How to apply

For international students

Entering a degree programme of the University of Groningen involves three basic steps.

Please read the information below before starting your application.

Note: exchange students should go to their Faculty International Office and should not apply through Studielink.

Step 1: Application

In this step you tell us who you are and what programme you would like to enter. You apply for admission to this programme. For this step, you need to use Studielink which is the national on-line application and registration system for higher education in the Netherlands.

> detailed information about application in Studielink

> Refundable application fee for Master's programmes of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Note: For some programmes of the faculty of Arts you need to register in a different way than Studielink. Check these programmes and their own registration page in this schedule.

Step 2: Admission

In this step, based on information provided by you, the University of Groningen decides whether you meet the admission requirements of the programme of your choice.

In case you have a Dutch diploma that according to Dutch higher education law gives entry to the degree programme of your choice, admission is automatic and is handled by Studielink.

In all other cases (e.g. when you have a non-Dutch diploma or a Dutch diploma that does not give automatic access to the degree programme), besides registering through Studielink, you have to go through an admission procedure in which an Admissions Board of the University of Groningen, based on information provided by you, decides whether or not you meet the admission requirements of the programme of your choice. Please check below which procedure is applicable to you:

1) You want to enroll in a Master's degree, and you have a Dutch Bachelor's degree from another Dutch educational institution (e.g. a HBO Bachelor's diploma or a Bachelor from the University of Maastricht) -> please go to the website of the programme of your choice and read the information about the admission procedure.

2) You want to enroll in a Bachelor's or Master's degree and you have a non-Dutch diploma -> after your registration in Studielink, you will receive account details for our Online Admissions System (OAS) within 24 hours. After receiving these details, you are requested to finish your application by filling out details about your educational background and to upload the documents required for admission.  

> detailed information about admission in OAS

Students applying for Medicine programmes (except: Clinical and Psychosocial Epidemiology and Medical and Pharmaceutical Drug Innovation), please note that you do not require the OAS to enroll and will therefore not receive any account details after registration in Studielink.

Step 3: Registration

After the University Admissions Board has decided that you are eligible for entry, you need to be registered as a student of the University of Groningen. This involves providing the University with your photograph for your student card and paying your tuition fee.

> detailed information about registration as a student at the University of Groningen

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