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Participation in decision-making

Local Consultative Committee

The Local Consultative Committee is where the Board of the University and the four member employee organizations (AbvaKabo FNV, CNV Publieke Zaak, CMHF and AC/FBZ) discuss important matters with regard to the legal position of employees, as well as the rules for personnel policy within the University of Groningen that may affect this legal position.

The Committee is not involved in sector-level agreements that universities and employee organizations make within the framework of CAO negotiations, but it does discuss CAO agreements that are to be fleshed out by the universities themselves.
This is done in accordance with the agreements made in the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities (CAO-NU)

The employee organizations in the Local Consultative Committee have considerable input in the development of personnel plans and reorganizations: they assess each reorganization against the CAO and decide whether a social plan must be drawn up. If this is the case, the employee organizations must approve it.

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