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Research and study in an international organization

Internationalization is one of the main focus points on the strategic policy agenda of the University of Groningen, and an important instrument in the improvement of quality, innovation and diversity. The University has a strong international reputation and steadily climbs the international ranking lists.

Degree programmes

For many years now the University of Groningen has been rated very well by our international students in the International Student Barometer. The University of Groningen offers a wide, international curriculum, with over 100 English-taught Master’s degree programmes and PhD programmes, as well as more than 20 English-taught degree programmes at Bachelor’s level.

Many degree programmes work intensively with international partners. Examples include the 8 prestigious Erasmus Mundus programmes and a swiftly increasing number of Double degree programmes.

Internationalization policy

International students
International students

The University of Groningen already has 4000 international students with over 120 different nationalities – we hope to reach 5000 international students in 2015. 20% of the staff and 60% of all PhD students are from abroad. The University of Groningen is proud that the European Union has accredited it with both the Diploma Supplement and the ECTS label.

Student and staff exchanges form an important part of the internationalization policy. By 2015, the University of Groningen wants half of all its students to have gained experience abroad during their studies, and it has made incentive funds available to this end.

Strategic partners

There are many types of international cooperation in both teaching and research. Strategic partners and networks at the University of Groningen include: the U4 network with Uppsala, Göttingen and Ghent; the Coimbra network; Tsinghua, Fudan and Peking Universities in China; Osaka in Japan; IT Bandung and Gadja Madah in Indonesia; Sao Paulo and UNAM in Latin America; UBC and Maryland in North America.

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