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Word and PowerPoint templates

Word templates

There are templates available in Word for University of Groningen staff for the items below. These templates will automatically format documents according to the University house style. The templates in Word can be found on the UWP in the /RUG menu (on the left in the menu bar, next to 'Home') by clicking ‘DotOffice’. A new toolbar will be opened. The vertical toolbar in DotOffice contains the following templates:

  • Letter
  • Fax
  • Memo
  • Agenda
  • Minutes
  • List of Decisions
  • Labels
  • Report
  • Logopaper
  • Invoice
  • Cover Readers
  • News Letter
  • Name Plate
  • E-mail signature

Can't find DotOffice in the menu?

f you can't find DotOffice or the /RUG menu, you have to install DotOffice or use it online.


Help documentation can be found in Word under the yellow question mark on the DotOffice toolbar. A number of frequently asked questions are available in the FAQ menu. If you still have unanswered questions, please contact your local service desk.

Working at home

DotOffice can be used at home by utilizing a special facility which transfers the program files and your Word and PowerPoint settings to a USB stick. This special facility is available in Word via the DotOffice button. When DotOffice is activated an extra toolbar appears – ‘Off-line’ – which contains a button ‘DotOffice -> USB’. Plug in a USB stick and follow the instructions which appear onscreen. You will then be able to use the house style at home.

RTF files

If you are not a Windows user but would like to create documents in the house style, you can request the necessary RTF files from


A tool for creating forms according to the house style is now available on request (

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