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Value added prices across sectors

GGDC Releases Productivity Level Database 2023 Edition

Date:23 October 2023

Comparing productivity at the sectoral level requires estimates of relatives prices at the sectoral level. The 2023 edition of the Productivity Level Database provides the most comprehensive GGDC dataset to date, covering 84 countries and 12 sectors across...

GGDC Director Robert Inklaar

Interview with Robert Inklaar on achieving impact with open data

Date:20 October 2023

Last month GGDC director Robert Inklaar, gave an interview for the Open Science blog of the University of Groningen Library. Part of open science is that researchers make their data FAIR: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. But how to do...

GGDC Conference 2024

Next GGDC Conference in May 2024

Date:21 July 2023

We are delighted to announce the upcoming GGDC conference on Tuesday, May 28, 2024, and Wednesday, May 29, 2024. The conference will take place at a convenient location in the city centre of Groningen. In the coming months, we will be sharing further...

Penn World Table

TPI blog on the Penn World Table

Date:18 July 2023

The Productivity Institute recently published a new blog introducing the Penn World Table (PWT). Authored by Ryan Marapin, Robert Inklaar and Reitze Gouma, this blog showcases two example analyses that illustrate the potential of the PWT data set, along...

 Graph based on the 2010 Maddison data

Maddison data in Biden-Harris Administration 2023 Economic Report

Date:30 March 2023

The Council of Economic Advisers, a component of the Executive Office of the President in the Biden-Harris Administration, has released the 2023 Economic Report of the President. This report starts with a reflection by President Biden about the...


EU KLEMS Updates

Date:21 March 2023

Last November 2022 the original EU KLEMS project website was taken offline. Since 2007 this website hosted the initial EU KLEMS project pages and all releases constructed between 2007 and 2018. The website has been archived in its entirety using the intern...

Structural Transformation and Economic Growth

Grant for investigating Structural Change in sub-Saharan Africa

Date:09 February 2023

Hagen Kruse and Gaaitzen de Vries, together with Kei-Mu Yi and Yabo Vidogbena (both at the University of Houston), have obtained a research grant from STEG/CEPR. They will take a quantitative modelling approach to investigate the driving forces of...

Penn World Table

PWT 10.01 has been released

Date:09 February 2023

We have released a minor update of the Penn World Table, version 10.01. This update changes part of the calculation of investment prices and most notably impact capital growth. Details of this change have been documented in an updated 'what is new'...

The Economist

Paper Published in the IMF Economic Review

Date:13 September 2022

The paper “A manufacturing renaissance? Industrialization trends in the developing world” written by Hagen Kruse, Emmanuel Mensah, Kunal Sen, and Gaaitzen de Vries has been published in the IMF Economic Review.

Productivity and income levels—the effect of  including natural resources for resource-intensive countries

Robert Inklaar, Daan Freeman and Erwin Diewert win the 2021 Kendrick prize

Date:01 September 2022

Robert Inklaar, Daan Freeman and Erwin Diewert have won the 2021 Kendrick prize during the 37th IARIW General Conference held in August in Luxembourg. Their paper titled ‘Natural Resources and Missing Inputs in International Productivity Comparisons’ was...